Introduction And Background
Usually people undergo a lot of confusion when they are talking about the timing of the exercise that they want to do. It makes sense, not everyone is aware of how the body ideally works and they think that they can exercise anytime. Actually, they should not exercise just anytime. There are certain times of the day during which exercising would prove to be fruitful and healthier than any other time of the day but this article concerns itself with meals specifically and how one should set their exercise routine around mealtimes. Should it be before the meal or after the meal that one gets to exercise? All answers will be explained. All you have to do is keep on reading further.

Exercising Before A Meal – Fit or Unfit?
There is nothing wrong with exercising before a meal. If you are trying to lose weight, then there are many things that you would have to consider such as making sure that you do not have a high carb meal before you exercise and to also ensure to not have on after and there are techniques to that too. However, aside from that fact, it is alright to exercise before a meal but to ensure that it occurs at least an hour before you are to eat. If you exercise and then immediately get down to eating, not only will it mess with your metabolism but you will probably eat and drink at a pace that you do not normally acquire and it can cause troubles for you. Many a times we see people gulp down jugs of juices and shakes just because they are thirsty from their workout and think that they deserve it. Well, that is not the case and neither should it be. Always clean up and wait a little and then settle down to eat with a fresh mind, not as soon as you want to rest after a strenuous exercising program. Thus, exercising before a meal is fit but it is only fit for you if you can handle what comes after it! However, those who are diabetic or with some disease should always exercise after a meal. It helps them to regulate their blood glucose level and also to help them digest their food better. But this is not the case with everyone, just those who are suffering from these conditions.

Exercising After A Meal – Fit Or Unfit?
Very unfit. Exercising immediately after a meal is something you should not do. When you have eaten, the blood circulation is mostly around the stomach and that is where your blood supply is concentrated the most. At times like this, even if you exercise, it will not do you much good nor will you be burning calories to the fullest. You should always exercise at least after two to three hours after having eaten. Any time before that will not be good. Haven’t you noticed that when you have eaten, you want to sit down and rest. You should sit down and relax a little and even walking around is fine but do not exercise. You won’t be able to perform to your maximum and it won’t do your body much good either. You should only think of exercising after a meal if two to three hours have passed. Only a light stroll is acceptable after a meal, nothing more strenuous than that.

But Bear In Mind…
The meals being mentioned here are the big meals, such as breakfast or lunch or dinner. Exercising right after or right before such meals is not a good idea. One should always wait. However, this is not the case with smaller meals or snacks. You can exercise even after you have had four to five biscuits or perhaps a few crackers here and there. That is absolutely fine. You need not worry about exercising timings with small snacks or small meals. You should only worry when you have to have a large meal or when you have to decide whether you should exercise before dinner or after. That is when you should keep the above tips and timings in mind before putting yourself through a workout.

The timing of exercise does matter. It matters in accordance with your body and it also matters when the question comes to mind of burning maximum calories. Imagine exercising after having eaten an entire steak meal with a baked potato. You won’t even be able to move after that let alone exercise so why put yourself through the trouble when you won’t be able to give it your best? Thus, always remember to exercise accordingly and to ensure that it doesn’t come very close to your mealtimes, even if it is before or after a meal.

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