Easy Home-Based Tips For Appetite Suppression

Introduction And Background
When one begins to diet, the problems they face with the most is appetite suppression. But the thing is, without appetite suppression, it is almost impossible to lose any weight. Exercise is important as well but controlling what you are eating is even more. Appetite is the reason that most diets fail. In the first few days, it becomes difficult to control their large appetites and stick to the food they are supposed to eat now that most people end up leaving their diets completely. Exercise is important too but appetite suppression is crucial to weight loss. How can you possible remove those extra pounds if you do not minimize the food you eat and burn the fat stores you have? But do not worry, this article will aim to explain how you can make the process a little easier for yourself. Appetite suppression, with any tips, will still be hard to do but with these home-based tips it will become relatively easier. Thus, read the article and find out what you can do to make the experience a little more enduring.

Drink Water Before Every Meal
This is the most common and most basic tip that exists. It is a sad thing that most people either forget to follow it or are too lazy to follow it. Drinking water about five to ten minutes before a meal will fill up your stomach. This means that there will be less space for food now and you will achieve satiety sooner with lesser food. You can drink water before breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also helps in digesting the food. But one thing you must keep in mind. Do not drink water immediately after a meal. Not only will it make you feel bloated, it will also increase the size of your stomach and will probably hinder proper digestion of food. Thus, drink water before every meal, not after.

Stock Up On High Fiber Foods
High fiber foods at home are really good at helping you suppress the appetite. Fiber ensures that you do not get constipated during your diet and it has very little calories as well. This does not mean that you go to the market and get high fiber snacks. You can do well with stuff right at home too! Almonds have fiber in them and they are pretty good appetite suppressants. Eating a handful of them once or twice a week has helped many to reduce their appetites gradually. Apples are high fiber foods and do not have many calories in them. Those who eat apples as a snack to suppress their appetite are often successful at the process.

Have A Heavy Protein Meal For Breakfast
You might have noticed that those who have a proper breakfast since childhood are bound to be more fit and healthy than those who skip out on the most important meal of the day. However, in order to suppress the appetite, eat foods that have protein in them for breakfast. Did you know that proteins take a longer time to get digested than any other component of the food pyramid? And that means the food which is high in protein content will stay in your stomach for a longer period of time. This implies that it will take a longer time for you to feel the need to eat again, thus suppressing the appetite while at it! This is why you should have eggs for breakfast. They are high in protein and doctors say that eggs are probably one of the best breakfast meals you can have, health wise.

Drink Green Tea
Rather than making the usual coffee and tea at home, why not switch to green tea? It is one of the most amazing drinks and green tea is well known to speed up the metabolism. Most people prefer to drink green tea after a meal to help with digestion but you can drink it anytime you like, even in the time you drink coffee or any other of your usual drinks. Green tea also improves health and detoxifies your body which makes it easier for your body to function better. Green tea can easily be made at home and if you add a little honey and lemon to it (no sugar mind you), you’ll begin to like how it tastes as well.

These tips are really easy and if you begin to apply them, they will really help you out. As you can see, the stuff mentioned you’d probably have at home already and you don’t even have to step out of the house. Home-based tips can really help you, only if you give it an honest try. Begin to add one tip day by day to your routine and feel the difference yourself after a few days.


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