Introduction And Background

Dieting never gets too old. Every person is seen dieting at some point in their life, whether they are sixteen or sixty. Only a few are lucky enough to have a really fast metabolism or a low appetite that they never seem to gain any weight no matter what. There are many diets to choose from though. The world seems to be coming up with a new diet every single day. Some last for three days, some for three weeks and some for three months. Besides the difference in time, they also differ in composition and planning as the different diets consist of different foods and different exercises (or no exercises even). This article will contain information about the ever famous Atkins diet which has gained more publicity than any other diet perhaps. However, not all is good about this diet…

What Is The Atkins Diet?
It is more commonly referred to as the Atkins diet more than anything because the entire diet plan was devised by Dr. Atkins who had come up with a thorough and foolproof plan of bringing about weight loss. The Atkins diet operates on a theory that the people eat too much of carbohydrates. The diet plans on making the person eat more of proteins and fats than carbs which eventually makes them lose weight. It is not a bad diet and many have lost a lot of weight because of the Atkins diet. However, not everything is always good. There are drawbacks to this diet that people do not really think of before starting.

Drawbacks Of Dr. Atkin’s Diet
There are various drawbacks to Dr. Atkin’s diet. It is not as safe a diet as some think it is. True, there is no loss of muscle and the protein content of the body remains as strong as ever which is the most important food component the body needs. Nonetheless, read below to see what really draws back this diet.

  • The amount of carbohydrates that a person is allowed to eat in this diet is dangerously low. A human body can function with little carbs but it leads to other factors such as laziness and irritation and a person is usually found low on energy. The body goes into a stage of ketosis (where ketone bodies are formed for energy). You do not need to get into the science of that so in larger words, a person is short on energy reserves and is known to become lethargic.
  • Due to the process of ketosis that begins because of the Atkins diet, there is added work for the kidneys which is also not good. Research is still not complete on this diet as no one really knows what will happen to the kidneys as well as the heart on a long term basis.
  • There will be nutritional deficiencies. True, the body does require protein but only protein and fats is not enough. There will be vitamin deficiencies as well as calcium deficiencies which can prove lethal for a person if they are ignored for a long time. It is best not to let their levels get really low.
  • Those who are on the Atkins diet are known to experience dehydration. Dehydration is certainly not good for the body, especially for the skin. It can lead to a lot of other problems.
  • People have also accounted for blood pressure problems but research has not been done on that because it could be other factors causing it such as family genetics.
  • Every single bite of a carbohydrate food has to be calculated. This is a little irritating for some.
  • When a person stops doing the Atkins diet and resumes eating carbohydrates, they end up gaining back all the weight they just lost. This proves that the weight does not stay off long term unless a person is very careful – which can be hard to do if they have been on a diet for a very long time.
  • There have been reported cases of nausea, vomiting, headaches and even a little drowsiness and dizziness experienced at wrong times of the day. The
  • The Atkins diet has no direct effect on any organ but there has been speculation that a lot of problems can arise with the liver, kidneys as well as bone health. This is true that going on the Atkins diet is not beneficial for these body parts. However, direct harm has still not been proven as such.

The Atkins diet is not a bad diet but when you look at the disadvantages, it seems to be one of the dangerous diets. It is not best to leave a complete component of a food pyramid out of the usual things you eat. Dieting can cause problems in life. But you know what they say…to get something you have to lose something. In this case, it could be an organ perhaps! (No offense intended)


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