Introduction And Background
Everyone worries about their body a little too much these days, don’t you think? You often see the thinnest of people worrying about themselves while a fat person would think that they are of the perfect weight. While this may seem very confusing to some, it is quite a common practice to feel that way and although it is not healthy, it still occurs more than ever. This article will teach you about body image disorder, what exactly it is and how to recognize the signs and symptoms in another person or even your own self to acknowledge this disorder.

What Is A Body Image Disorder?
A body image disorder, as you can clearly tell by the name, is considered to be a disorder where the person does not think much of their body and always wants to do better, setting a negative impact on it. These people aim to achieve perfectionism and even if they are fit, do not seem to think so. They mostly criticize themselves in order to aim even higher and are generally never happy with the way things are turning out.

How To Know You Have A Body Image Disorder?
Well, there are quite a few signs and symptoms that you can catch in order to analyze whether or not you have a body image disorder. Here are a few which might give you an idea whether you have it or not:

  • Do you often look in the mirror, more than average and scrutinize every part of your body? Do you see yourself in a critical way whenever you cross the mirror, even if you are looking good? If this is the case, then you might have a body image disorder, causing yourself to look at it negatively.
  • Do you feel yourself commenting negatively about your body or even if everything is fine, making yourself work hard to find some error or something you’re not happy with? This generally happens a lot with those who have a negative body image disorder.
  • Another symptom that you can configure in your diagnosis is that if you envy a lot of people and constantly think about how perfect their body is as compared to your own, this also is a major diagnostic sign. Also constantly comparing yourself to other people and finding gratification in thinking that you’re better than them or feeling upset that your body is not as good looking as theirs is also a major sign.
  • If you have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, then chances are that comes from you having a body image disorder because it is the most common pathway of developing these eating disorders.

What Causes Body Image Disorder?
There are many reasons as to what causes body image disorder. The first one on everyone’s list is probably the media because seeing such glamour and perfect bodies has ruined the image that everyone has of having a perfect body. While the models and actors work very hard and have even hired people to get them to have the perfect body and of course the camera fixes any imperfection there is, it has created a want of having such a body in a normal daily life with a normal routine which is becoming quite impossible. Another reason could also be peer pressure. If you belong to a group which is very slim and fit and if you are not like that, it does have an impact on you whatsoever and you begin to dislike how you look. There are also many people who are driven to work very hard such as athletes or actresses for an upcoming movie or performance and that too can drive them to believe their body is not worth it. Imagine hearing constantly from a person who is a body expert that you are no good? That can definitely have a negative impact on you.

Recognize The Fault
The only way to treat this disorder is to first recognize and accept that you do think this way and that it needs to stop. You do not need to take any medications but have to deal with it psychologically. Talk to people and be honest about it and learn to be comfortable in your own body.

It’s astonishing to see the number of people who have a body image disorder in the world of today. A perfectly healthy teenager would appear in the doctor’s office because she wants to look like the movie star that she adores and although she is underweight for her age, she wants to lose even more weight! It has such a bad effect on health and the organs development and can actually cause other diseases to come about, malnutrition being one of them.

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