Introduction And Background
Dieting never gets old, at least it will not get old in this decade. People are getting fatter and fatter by the minute. And even though these words may sound a little mean, they are true. Obesity is at an increase like it never was before. The concept is a little weird considering half the world is starving but the half that isn’t is on a speedway ticket to many other diseases besides obesity. Thus, everyone needs to be on a diet. They need to know what they’re doing to themselves is wrong. They need to understand that obesity will only make their lives miserable.

Dieting And The Gender
This article is about women and dieting. It isn’t about men and dieting. The big question will soon be answered but we need to get some other facts first. It is true that dieting ratios vary in the genders. They even vary in the ages! It is because of many factors that we’ll soon come across.

Do Women Diet More?
And now the answer to the big question…yes, they do diet more. The ratio of dieting women, in all ages, is way more than the dieting men. About ninety percent of the women are likely to diet around sometime in their life. Some do it as a habit while some do it to lay off the extra weight they have gained somehow.

Why Do Women Diet More?
There are various reasons why women diet more than men. Many of them have been listed below with more detail:

  • Women have the tendency to gain weight more than men. Why is that so? Their metabolism works at a lower rate than a man’s so they do not burn off the fat as quickly, even if they do eat as much. This is one of the reasons why they work so hard towards controlling their diet. It becomes much harder to burn it all off after gaining it.
  • Women are not as active as men. Most women are homemakers and many of them do not have jobs where they have to do any physical activity. For the men, it is mostly the opposite. Thus, they do not get a chance to work out much or exercise which is why they want to blow off any fat by dieting.
  • The world is generally harsher with women in terms of beauty and looks. If a man is fat, he does not care about it as much as a woman will if she is fat. This is also one of the major reasons why women diet more than men. They care more about their looks and the world also functions this way it seems.
  • Pregnancy is also one of the factors. A woman generally diets after having a baby because she gained so much weight during her pregnancy days. A lot of women diet this way.
  • Obesity percentages are increasing in women more rapidly than in a man. Thus, the number of dieting women also increases then.

Is Obesity Gender Biased?
Not really. Obesity is not gender biased. If women started working out and doing physical stuff more so than men, there would be more fat men present in the world. It is just that a woman’s metabolism rate is a bit lower where one could say that obesity is gender biased. Other than that, there is no reason to think that women get more obese than men.

Types Of Diet
The types of diet are countless! There must be hundreds of people who got irritated by the idea of dieting because it was so confusing to decide which diet to follow! There are newspaper adds, magazine articles, Television commercials which would all tell you to follow a different kind of diet. The internet is again an encyclopedia of diets. However, your job is not to get confused but to work a little harder on checking which diet actually worked the best for people. And get one thing clear in your mind; you cannot lose weight without controlling the amount of food you eat. Some people think that it is okay to eat as long as you exercise but this does not help you to lose weight. It only helps you to maintain your weight. If you plan on losing weight, you have to accept the fact that you are going to eat a lot less than you did before. You probably will get to eat foods you were never really fond of. But you will have to do it.

Since women diet more, you will see that dieting stuff usually has more pictures of women in it. The diet is also sometimes more specific to a woman’s liking than a man’s. This is good for them I suppose!

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