Difference between homeopathy and herbal treatment


Introduction and Background

One of the core rules of Homeopathy is that if you dilute anything with water, the water memorizes chemical components. Thus after diluting the water thousands or millions times it still clearly conveys the quality because of remembering the component. In fact, if you are doing that more than several times you are going to use only 100% water, despite the water itself can be used alone for some treatments. Nevertheless, the idea of the healing process of Homeopathy is quite terrible as it has a conviction that the water is full of efficiency because of consisting of the same element. There should be no sign of effectiveness of any component except that of water. Recently, we come to know that the diluted water can lose the concentration if it is mixed with solely water again. However, this kind of treatment is still on its services for millions of people every day.


There should be no theoretical support to this idea and no evidence is found to prove this conviction to be true.  The water must not have any memory and it is quite ridiculous to hear. The only way of using water with a view to treat people is considering the water as a placebo.

On the other hand, Herbal treatment is also famous and it has few side effects although many of herbs have not been examined thoroughly. Some of herbs really work superbly. One significant aspect of the herbal treatment is that as soon as it comes into light for action it is considered to be analyzed both in the pharmaceutical level, and practical level. The manufacturing process is the other side to be considered. The quality and effectiveness of the property of herbs rely on how well they are manufactured.

Another remarkable side of using herbs is that it can be used as diets rather than medicine. Proactive people of these days look for balanced and vegetative diets to become healthy and lose weight. Some herbs cannot be taken as delicious foods but can be well taken through the oral administration and at length they work better. About 25% of allopathic medicines are manufactured from the herbal components and people use them without paying any hesitation. One of the biggest reasons for having confusion about herbal treatment is that people are not well aware of thousands of plants which can provide the remedy. As a matter of fact they look for something which is well known and easy to use. Some herbs are recommended as they are considered to produce good results in remedy but people are yet reluctant to use them. Previous acknowledgement about the ability of curing patients can be a great reason why people randomly decide any of these treatment procedures. However, in fact, nowadays, many sophisticated healing includes recommending herbs as a part of core treatment as well. They are completely renowned for their distinct significance, not for the fame of an herbal treatment at all.

The difference between Homeopathy and Herbal treatment not only provide senses, but also allows people to reject both of them or any of them in some cases. Sometimes, herbal treatment can be conducive for patients’ health-improvement but not to eliminate, remove the root of the indisposition at all. For an example, some herbs can reduce patients’ distress or help organize the protectiveness of body, but cannot permanently resolve problems. Also none uses herbs in order to treat some life threatening disorders as they cannot be confident on it. However, it makes no difference whether the action produced by herbs are well known by common people as long as they work in accordance with principles of the medical science.

Homeopathy cannot be considered as a complete science since it is depending on some silly convictions and makes no sense at all. There is no evidence found to believe that the water has a memory. If we consider that least amount of component is enough to cure sickness, we cannot make sure every different sickness will require the same amount of component in water. This is completely bunked as it cannot show any scientific illustration how it can cure the disease except urging people to look only to the result. Science does not allow this theory that water might have memory. Science also does not allow anybody to say that two different liquids with separate percentages of chemical can work similar.


The element used in the Homeopathic treatment is also from plant, mineral, materials from animals and in this sense, it uses herbs as well. However, the question about the percentage of these materials in the liquid conveys the controversy while as a quick and effective treatment herbal products does not do so. There is no typical dose of herbs that is used time after time in the same way.


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