Introduction And Background

We have all heard about dieting and exercising like it was the newest celebrity on the block. But this celebrity is here to stay for a long, long time seeing how things are. These phenomenons have taken the world by storm. People use it, they cash on it too as it has also become of a great commercial usage. New diet mechanisms are being formed and sold. Millions of books have been written and sold as best sellers which all have to do with dieting or some form of exercise. And this is all because of the steady obesity rate that hasn’t shown any decrease in the past few years. Rather, it is increasing!

Dieting is something you call when you want to lose weight and control your appetite. It is the basic mechanism one does to try and reduce all the fat in the body. Dieting has become very common. Even children are dieting these days.

Exercise is something you do to stay healthy and fit and tone your body. It is extremely good for the health and almost everyone in the world does it. Everyone who is not a couch potato. Unlike dieting, exercise is not only done to lose weight. Some people exercise because it relieves their stress. Some exercise because the doctor told them it is good for them. Some exercise to tone their muscles and some do it out of a habit which never leaves them.

Dieting Versus Exercise
Strictly speaking in terms of losing weight; dieting holds more importance than exercise. Exercise counts too, but dieting is more important. See it this way; if you want to lose weight and are not doing anything about the amount of food you eat, you will never lose weight even if you exercise. Exercise can only help to maintain your weight. It can help you to lose weight only if you are dieting. There are very few people who have lost weight by exercising and not cutting out on the food they ate. But these people exercised a lot and their metabolism rates were probably faster than the average.

Advantages Of Dieting
Dieting has many advantages. One can only begin to think about it. Obesity, as we all know, brings about many other diseases. These other diseases consist of heart diseases, diabetes and even cholesterol levels. Obesity also makes the person less confident, anti-social and in the extreme cases even suicidal. Dieting helps to eradicate all these problems. Other than that, dieting also helps to maintain a balanced lifestyle. One should never eat too much. It doesn’t help the body achieve anything. It makes one lazy and also stores ounces of fats on the body which become harder and harder to lose. Dieting also helps one to achieve self control and if the dieting really works and one loses weight, they learn to love themselves more.

While dieting, do not starve yourself. It never helps. Often people stop eating anything and they just eat the minimum amount of food, almost enough to stay alive. This does not make them lose any weight. On the other hand, it only makes them miserable. The metabolism rate is even lowered if you stop eating anything and this stops the weight loss process. You will just be giving yourself torture for nothing. Dieting can be done and should be done the smart way.

Advantages Of Exercise
Exercise has a lot of advantages, probably more so than dieting. Exercise helps one’s blood running nicely through the veins. It also helps to keep blood sugar levels normal. Exercise also helps one to remain fit as a fiddle. There are countless advantages to exercise. It keeps one healthy. Many old people still walk around because it makes them feel younger afterwards and the blood circulation in their body improves. Exercise also helps one to maintain their weight. If you are happy with the weight you are at and do not want to diet anytime soon, exercise. This ensures that you do not gain any weight.

Which Is Better; Dieting Or Exercise?
This is a tricky question which does not have a straight answer. In terms of losing weight, dieting is more important because you cannot lose weight until and unless you burn more than you eat. And if you are eating and want to burn, this will not help you. Thus, dieting hold the upper hand here. As for maintaining weight, exercise is better. One should exercise more than they should diet because it is a healthy habit, one every person should have no matter what age they are at.

Dieting versus exercise is not exactly a death match. Both are good for us and both should be taken into consideration while deciding on a weight loss strategy and a weight maintenance strategy.


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