Introduction And Background
“We are what we eat.” This saying is fast becoming very popular nowadays and rightfully so. We truly are what we eat. Those who survive on junk food are slowly eliminating the health factor from their bodies. They are neither getting the proper nutrition nor are they controlling their weight. Those who eat a proper balanced diet, with a mixture of fruits and vegetables and meat, they are the ones who are truly doing right by their bodies. They are healthy, their bodily functions are running fine and they do not have to face any weight problems, if they are controlled eaters. Thus, the saying is very true and the people who do Yoga believe it thoroughly!

What Is Yoga?
Yoga is a form of discipline, considered more of an art than exercise that keeps control over your mind, breathing and complete body. It is a meditation that helps one to relax and forget their stresses. It is widely practiced all over the world and many people use it for different reasons. Some do yoga so that they have better control over their body and reflexes while some do yoga so that they can relax a little and get over their daily tensions. However, some do yoga so that they can lose weight as yoga helps a lot in suppressing the appetite and generally controlling your urges. And even though yoga hardly requires one to move and jump about, it is a form of exercise that does burn calories!

Dieting Through Yoga
The true Yogis who practice Yoga thoroughly do not believe in having anything besides vegetables and fruits. They do not really eat meat and fulfill their protein content from lentils or green, leafy vegetables. However, you do not have to stay away from meat if you don’t want to. It can very much stay in your diet. Dieting through yoga is extremely beneficial because it battles with the two things that most dieters find problems with. We’ll read about it in the next segment but what you must understand is that dieting is very much possible through yoga and that you should definitely try it out if you haven’t already.

Benefits Of Dieting Through Yoga
There are many benefits of dieting through yoga but here are the top ones that you’ll be very happy to hear about. Read below to find out more.

  • Appetite suppression is one of the top and foremost battles that a dieter has to fight. It is mighty difficult to suppress an appetite that is already big. Imagine craving the foods terribly and then not having them. It sounds easy but the not having part is not exactly an easy thing to deal with. However, with yoga, controlling your cravings and suppressing the appetite becomes easier. The positions that are made with yoga and the self-control you develop because of it really helps a lot. Some people wonder what it is about yoga that can become a game changer but it is an art of relaxation that can genuinely help you get over your cravings. It is one of the topmost things that can help with appetite suppression.
  • Another benefit that you get dieting through yoga is that you wouldn’t feel stressed or worn out because of your diet. Some people get highly irritated because they are not able to eat the foods that they want and are sick of their dieting. But with yoga, all that changes. They are less irritable and more prone to acceptance. With yoga, they become more relaxed and in tune with their body and find contentment in what they are eating. It actually changes your stress levels completely and that can also reduce hunger.
  • Yoga develops flexibility in you, if you do it right. Being more flexible and in tune with your body means that you will probably become more active and serene in your work. This is how yoga helps to burn calories. Most believe that although yoga is terrific for personal growth, it does not really help with burning calories. They are wrong. It does help burn calories and it helps burn calories more efficiently at that too. With yoga, you can do no wrong!

Yoga might be hard to accept at first but once you begin doing it, you would not want to let go of it. It is a stress killer and is extremely relaxing, especially if you do it properly. And if you are dieting and doing yoga as well, things will become really easier for you. You won’t be under much stress and you will be okay with your diet as well as routine, making it easier for you to follow it. Thus, if you’re looking to lose weight in a peaceful manner, start doing yoga!



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