Introduction And Background
Sometimes people don’t like being told what to eat and they really detest sticking to certain foods, especially diet foods. Let’s be honest, no one wants to eat broiled chicken or vegetables all the time. And for those who are obese and are die hard foodies in the first place, it becomes extra hard for them to tolerate this kind of lifestyle, even if it is for a short while. However, with new methods and innovative dieting research, one can diet through something known as ‘portion control’. What is this? Read on further and you’ll find out more although the name really says it all!

What Is Portion Control?
What exactly is portion control? Well, dieting by portion control means that you eat normally but you are very specific about the amount you are eating. For instance, you can eat the normal stuff at home that is being cooked but you need to be careful about how much you are eating. You can’t fill your plate up. You need to considerably reduce the size of your portions and restrict yourself to eating just one portion and not digging in for second helpings either. There are many who consider this a very healthy way of dieting and this does work. Don’t think it doesn’t!

Why Is Dieting Through Portion Control Considered Healthy?
Well, if you think about it, you can easily see why dieting through portion control is considered to be a healthy choice by many. For one, you are not restricting yourself to any one kind of food. You may have noticed that in many diets there are only one kinds of food. There is the soup diet where you have only that, there is the banana diet which is not at all recommended for long term. However, there are diets which have several types of food but to be honest, you can never have everything while you’re dieting, and you just stick to the essential foods. Sometimes those essential foods only fulfill your most basic needs and are pretty much devoid of many vitamins and minerals that you need. But…in portion control, that isn’t a problem! You are eating normally and having a bit of everything but that’s the thing, you’re having just a bit. While you are having just a bit, you are aiming for weight loss but are also giving your body its healthy, daily meals, even if it is in a shorter supply than usual.

Does Dieting Through Portion Control Really Work?
You must be thinking, even if the portions are smaller, how much weight can you lose in such a way. The thing is, you will lose weight but it will be a little slower than all the other restrictive diets present. However, you’ll be getting all essential stuff and you’ll also be eating things you like. Think about it, those who are doing other diets have to work extra hard at preparing their food and then abstaining from the food that friends and family around them are having. It becomes really hard and this is a really great way to overcome that irritation and extra work. So yes, dieting through portion control really does work and there are many who have lost quite a number of pounds that way. You should check and read online forums where such diets are being discussed. You’ll get to read a lot about those who have gone on this path and have ended up succeeding.

Other Benefits To Dieting Through Portion Control
There are other benefits as well that you get by dieting through portion control. Here are some of the plus points you should know about.

  • It is relatively easy. You don’t have to get extra stuff in groceries and you certainly don’t have to deal with the headache of preparing your own meals for the duration of your diet.
  • Your social life remains unaffected. It happens many a times that those who are dieting prefer to stay at home because they can’t eat with their friends or risk the temptation. If only are able to curtail yourself to the amount you can, you are good to go!
  • You are getting all the essentials and it is pretty rare that you are nutrient deficient in anything. With portion control, that’s the biggest and best benefit.
  • You can eat whatever you like, but you also have to be smart about it though. There should be no portion controlling with French fries, they should be off the list completely if possible.

Dieting through portion control is one of the top choices to be honest. You have read about it now and can make an informed decision. Yes, truthfully, it will take a little longer but that is fine because you’re making it easier on yourself and getting health benefits too!


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