Introduction And Background

For many years, there are various who have thought that dieting is an unhealthy phenomenon. Even my own mother would say to my overweight sister that she needs to exercise and not cut down on the food she ate. While dieting in certain ways might be unhealthy, dieting itself is not a bad thing to do. In this article, speaking from a medical perspective, you’ll see the good in dieting rather than the bad. It also depends on what kind of diet you are following to ensure that it is not bad for you.

The Unhealthy Way Of Dieting
The unhealthy way of dieting is like going on a crash diet or sticking to one kind of food for the entire duration of the diet. This is extremely unhealthy and could prove to be very dangerous for you. Nutritional deficiency is something that nobody takes seriously while dieting. They think that they can make up for it later on but some defects take years to catch up to and it can really ruin a lot of things about your body. You might even face loss of vitamins and minerals that are essential for you. For example, vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Without it, there is a lot of hindrance for that pathway. And this is just one vitamin, imagine what you might face skipping out on the other nutrients present in a balanced diet that you are sorely avoiding.

The Reason For Dieting
Dieting, as repeatedly said, is not unhealthy. One shouldn’t overeat in the first place and always maintain a balanced diet, stopping before filling yourself up completely in a meal. About eighty percent of the people diet because they want to lose weight while the other twenty percent diet because they want to maintain their weight. The reason always comes back to the same thing though; weight. The world revolves around this issue nowadays literally as obesity is reaching sky high and so is the number of successful or unsuccessful dieters.

Is It Bad?
No, dieting is not bad as long as it is done properly. In fact, it is not bad for you at all since it has a lot of healthy benefits which you’ll read now.

Is It Good?
Yes, dieting is good. Here is a list of reasons why exactly dieting is good and you’ll see that there is absolutely nothing to worry about if you are on a healthy balanced diet.

  • Obesity itself is a disease which people do not recognize. If you are somehow getting rid of your obesity problems by dieting then what could be better than that?
  • You maintain your weight, lose your weight or do not gain any weight. Your body remains fit as a fiddle and you rarely encounter problems such as cholesterol or diabetes, if they are not in your genetic code that is!
  • Your laziness is either very little or does not exist. Have you noticed that thin and lean people are generally more active and require a fewer number of hours of a good night’s sleep? The reason is their weight or diet. They have a balanced diet and maintain their weight.

A Thing To Avoid In A Diet
Avoid doing this thing in a diet and you are all good. You won’t have to worry about dieting being bad for you then! Select a diet that is balanced, nutritious and will not send your body into starvation mode. And remember, whatever diet you follow, it needs to have proteins in it. You cannot escape out on this nutrient; it is the most important one for your body. You can avoid fats and carbs all you want but be careful not to compromise on this component.

What You Can Do…
There is something that you can do while dieting so that you don’t have to worry so much. One is the fact that you won’t skip out on proteins but that still doesn’t give you the advantage of eating foods that fulfill other dietary requirements of vitamins and minerals. To overcome this problem, you can have daily multi-vitamin supplements. A lot of people have them even if they are not dieting and it has proven to be quite good for them as they do not face any kind of deficiency this way.

As you can clearly see, dieting is far from being a bad thing, from a medical perspective. You just need to be careful about your nutrition but no one is telling you not to eat less, eat in fewer portions or to exercise along with it! All these things are good for you. Forget the people who term dieting as something for the obese, it’s something for everyone!

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