Introduction And Background

Dieting has become the hardest thing to do. For the obese people, it really is a milestone if they are able to achieve it somehow. Obese people become obese because they love eating and eventually, the weight they gain is because they eat more than they are able to lose. Maintaining weight is a difficult thing. But losing weight is a tougher thing to do. Hence, you should know how to go about losing weight and what not do and what to do. The world is starving in some areas and in other areas people are getting fatter by the minute. Not to be mean or anything but it is a fact. If one wants to lose weight, they need to do it the proper way.

Get Your Facts Straight
Firstly, before setting off on the path of losing weight; you need to get your facts straight. A lot of people are confused at that. They think that it is fine to just diet and not work out and the others think that they can eat as much as they want but if they work out they can lose weight. This is not true at all and you will only be wasting your time if you did any of this. Read further to know what exactly is meant by dieting and walking that go hand in hand.

No Weight Loss Without Dieting
Get this fact straight. You cannot lose weight until and unless you control the amount of food you are eating. Some people think that they can eat as much as they want, have even multiple meals per day, as long as they work out. This can either do two things. It can either maintain your weight or it can make you gain weight at a very slow pace. It will not make you lose weight. You need to make sure that your are burning more than you eat and that cannot happen unless you eat very less. If you want at thin body, if you want to be physically fit and not obese, you need to diet. Without dieting, weight loss is almost impossible.

Exercise Alone Does Not Make You Lose Weight
The above line says it all. Exercising only and will only maintain your weight. It will not make you lose any weight. The amount of calories you eat thoroughly exceeds the amount of weight you can lose per day. Some people go and have a burger and shake and then go to the gym. They think they have worked out all that they have eaten. This is not true. Even if you feel that you have worked out a lot and are exhausted, it still won’t match the number of calories you have eaten. Thus, you need to reduce your intake of food and exercise along with it. Do not just exercise. Only exercise will make the scales stay in one place.

Dieting And Walking Go Hand In Hand
You cannot lose weight until you burn more than you eat. And this can only happen if you are eating less and exercising along with it. Doing only one is not likely to help you get anywhere. And even if there is a slight chance of it, you will be losing weight in the time of years where you could have done it months or weeks by putting the combination together.

Different Demands Of Different Diets
You’ll be thinking that there are some diets which do not curtail the food you eat or tell you to exercise. True, there are such diets that exist but then again their mechanisms are all different. For instance, there is the HCG diet which tells one to eat less but they do not need to exercise. In fact, they are told to stay away from any strenuous workouts. For cases like these, the mechanism of the diet is different. This article is generally talking about dieting the natural way by controlling what you eat and then walking to burn the calories and to put your body in fitness mode.

Only One Will Not Work If Done Naturally
If you are thinking to lay off fats and carbs and eat less, please walk too. This will really help you to lose weight. But do not starve yourself. You need to make sure that the body’s metabolic rate does not slow down in a case like this. Diet and walk but do it smartly. Do not put yourself under the pressure of going to the extreme with either thing.

The conclusion to this article is very simple. You need to concentrate on both the things at different levels. Do not neglect either or else losing weight will become only a dream that you will be chasing.


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