Introduction And Background
When one begins to diet, they often do not pay attention to anything other than weight loss. They don’t think about the minerals and vitamins that they should be having or food that is necessary for proper health and egestion. This is the reason why most dieters often have to face constipation either because they do not have enough water in their diets or enough fiber. It is necessary that you take care of all the things of your body even if you are trying really hard to lose weight. It can have a pretty bad effect on your skin, hair and of course, give you problems in the bathroom!

Low Carb Diets
These are the most famous of diets that most people follow and sadly, this is also the diet that leads to constipation. If your low carb diet is giving you constipation, it is better to add something to it so that you do not have to face this discomfort anymore. You do know that even carbs help in digestion and there is nothing better than fiber! Hence, if you are following a low carb diet, take better notice of what you are eating and try to fix things up a bit without ruining your diet.

Drink Water
Surprisingly, those who are dieting do not drink enough water at times. This comes as a shock because people like to usually fill up that empty stomach with something and what better way to do it than to drink loads of water. It is healthy and it is efficient and most of all, water is also good for your digestive tract. It has the ability to sort out your constipation problem quite easily if you give it a shot. Try to drink water before every meal and avoid drinking immediately after so that your digestion is not interrupted. Water can ruin the pH level created or the enzyme activity. It is better to wait a little after a meal and then have it. However, you can drink it before quite easily. It will actually help overcome constipation.

Foods That Help Overcome Constipation
Even if you are dieting, you need to eat something that can solve the problem. Constipation leads to other problems as well so it is better to deal with the root cause before anything else occurs. Here are some foods that can help with this. You should think of including them in your diet. They are not fattening and they will be helpful.

This might be a remedy passed on by the forefathers but it works a hundred percent. Do not doubt it because it is old. Taken normally or in juice form, prunes are high in fiber and insoluble in water and they can easily relieve you of your pain. Instead of spending a useless amount of money on laxatives, why not just add prunes to your diet? It will save you money and there is nothing better than a natural remedy doing its work!

Be it kidney beans or baked beans or lima beans, they all have a lot of fiber in them. They are high in carbs too but then again, they have protein content as well. Hence, you cannot go wrong with beans. They have the good carbs as well so one cup won’t do much to your diet. You might as well have it. Usually beans are taken in the boiled form but you can bake or cook them as well, whatever suits you. It is better if you enjoy the taste. It might make your gut happier!

We know the goodness of berries, don’t we? They have fiber in them and are pretty rich in vitamins and minerals! Kiwi is a wonderful fruit which has a lot of fiber content. What’s more, it also has the essential nutrients that might be missing from your diet. Research has shown that those who eat kiwi have a tremendously good bowel movement which is more than those who haven’t had kiwi. So you can see why it is recommended for constipation!

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you ruin your diet. There are many types of bread available. You can select the fiber bread which has lesser number of carbs and more fiber in it. Eating it would suit your digestive system and you won’t have any problems passing stool. Constipation would be sad goodbye to!

Constipation can be handled easily if you just know the foods to include in your diet. If you are worried that you are going to ruin your weight loss plan, don’t be. Most of these foods do not give you many calories and if you still have a problem, you can exclude something else and add this so that there won’t be a calorie problem anymore.


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