Dietary Sources of Energy, Solid Fats

Introduction And Background
Our body requires two things to keep it going; oxygen and energy. Oxygen we get from the surround air and atmosphere but with energy, we get it from the foods we eat. There is energy found in every food. Some people think that there are a lot of leafy vegetables which do not have that much energy in them. They are wrong. Even cucumbers, which some mistake to have zero calories, have calories in them. Every food has some sort of energy in it but the amount varies. Fiber has very little energy. Proteins have a little more than that. Carbohydrates have instant energy and a lot at that too but solid fats have the most, even if it is not instant. In this article, solid fats will be discussed more as a dietary source of energy and how its storage can lead to problems such as obesity and how one can keep a check over the fats they are eating.

The Major Dietary Sources of Energy
The major dietary sources of energy, we all know very well, is either from fats or from carbohydrates. The carbs we eat is almost in every other food and so are fats but carbs are more in common than anything else really. However, in this article, we will be discussing about the solid fats and how they are the main source of our energy which we use daily.

The Way Energy Works
Even though solid fats are one of the main sources of energy; they are not the first option for the body. If sugar is present, then our body will utilize that before ever taking a hand in the storage reserves of fat. That’s how it works. Our first line of use is carbs, then fats and then proteins. Proteins are the last because they do not have that much energy and are used in the building and repair of cells mostly, making their use for that purpose only. In starvation mode only are proteins utilized for energy which can be dangerous as well because the proteins can be taken from anywhere in the body, be it muscle or even the heart, weakening the body system considerably.

Solid Fats For Energy
Even though our body uses carbs for energy, solid fats have a lot of energy but there is one specific fact you should know about solid fats which is quite important; solid fats have empty calories. What are empty calories you ask? Well, empty calories are labelled as those calories which come from the food which have no basic nutritional value. And there are many such food items present in the world which have a lot of fat, a lot of energy but there is no nutrition present in them that you can benefit from. Eating solid fats as a dietary source of energy is very common amongst the teen years, especially those a little below and a little above the age of eighteen who very markedly go for such foods. However, one should really be careful before going for something like this.

Sources of Solid Fat
A major source of solid fat is pizza. Everyone eats pizza, don’t they? Some even consider it to be a proper meal and have it daily, especially those who are students. Well, it has a lot of empty calories and is a main dietary source of energy but that is all you are really getting; energy. Even whole milk is considered to have solid fat but then again, milk is an exception to the rule. Milk has a lot of nutrients but the calories you are getting from fat have no gain in your body. It is better to have skimmed milk that way.

The Road To Obesity
The road to obesity comes with solid fats as well, yes it does. Research has shown that in fact, solid fats are considered to be one of the top reasons as to why people gain weight. Since they are more likely to be stored than used, especially with the amount of carbohydrates that one is taking and since they are not first in line to be used for energy, people gain weight. Hence, keep an eye out for solid fats in your food and avoid those which have a lot of it.

As you can tell by the example of pizza, you must be aware now that dietary sources of energy from solid fats mostly lie in junk food. The sodas and burgers you have also have some amount of it. If you want to avoid having an unhealthy body or one that is turning into an obese body, better stay away from eating too much of it. This message is specially for the people who are in their teens, prone to having a lot of junk food.

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