Dietary Measures During Pregnancy

Introduction And Background
Pregnancy is a time during which a woman’s healthcare should be at its greatest peak. Since a life is growing inside her, she not only has to take care of herself but the baby as well. So whatever she eats, she has to be certain it is good for the baby as well. Hence, there are certain dietary measures that are to be taken during pregnancy. The entire nine months have to be about what is good for her and the fetus (medical term for unborn baby). It matters how she sleeps, what she eats, whether she walks or not. You will find out in this article about the dietary measures.

She Will Gain Weight
Of course, some people gain a lot of weight, more than the normal ten kilograms while some don’t gain at all and the weight gained is usually that of the baby. However, a pregnant woman will gain weight so she can stop thinking about dieting during her pregnancy. It is unhealthy for her and very dangerous towards normal development of her baby. Dieting is out of the question. She can eat normally of course and still avoid fatty foods if she likes but all in all, no starvation and definitely no diets followed.

Protein Is Vital
The food pyramid is of course to be followed where a mother should have the healthy amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fats but what is the most important is protein. Our body is mostly made up of protein and it is what the baby requires most. Hence, all lean meat and foods that have rich protein content such as some lentils should be pretty high on the list of foods. Without proteins, the baby will probably be born weak lest any deformity in development is not already present. Thus, make sure meat, fish, chicken or whatever type is liked is a daily meal. And if a vegetarian faces problems in eating this kind of protein, she should then revert to high protein beans or any other kind to fulfill her daily requirement.

Sufficient Iron
Iron is the next important thing on the agenda. Almost every pregnant woman takes iron syrup or iron capsules because her hemoglobin level will suffer otherwise and that is not good. A pregnant woman, no matter what her diet, is always told by the doctor to take iron. The red blood cells in our body are formed by iron and it is what the baby requires too. Thus, ensure that iron is a check mark on the dietary measures during pregnancy. Even if your diet is wonderful, be sure to take iron syrup. However, no need to overdose on it, just take the normal amount as told by the doctor.

Like the mineral iron, vitamins are also pretty necessary in pregnancy and sometimes it is not possible to get all of them from the food that is being eaten. In cases like these, a single tablet of daily multi vitamins would do as instructed by the doctor. Be sure to tell your doctor what types of vitamins you are taking so that he or she can guide you better. Also be aware of any other type of medications that you are taking. There are known medications that mothers often take without knowing what type of deformity it could cost their unborn child.

No Alcohol!
Turn to juice if you must but alcohol is strictly forbidden during pregnancy! It is hazardous to the liver in the first place and other than that it is known to cause a neonatal defect. It is best if not even a sip is taken from the time of conception till three months after the baby is born.

Eat Vegetables And Fruits – Except Maybe Pineapple
During pregnancy, a woman should eat as many fruits and vegetables as she can as this department of foods always stay HEALTHY anytime. However, it is best to steer clear of pineapples though. There is an ongoing research being done where women in certain parts of the world eat a lot of pineapples to naturally abort their babies. While there is speculation on how true it might be or whether or not eating an abnormally large amount of pineapples does abort the fetus, it is best to be safe than sorry. Eat any fruit that you like to your heart’s content – just not pineapples.

Dietary measures that are to be taken are pretty important. As you can see, the normal and healthy life of a baby is at stake because of what the mother eats or does not eat. Thus, one should always be at their best diet with all the essential elements and no starvation or dieting of any sort. A happy and healthy mother gives a happy and healthy child.

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