Introduction And Background
There are so many articles against diet sodas nowadays that you might as well skip it right out of your life. But then again, in this age of time you always need justified reasons for your actions. And since everyone loves soda, they revert to diet soda if they are in need of losing weight. But after this article, you might just skip everything altogether and stick to juices and water from now onwards. Diet soda is not at all beneficial for you and the harms are greater than the benefit. Read on further to know what exactly the deal is with diet soda.

The Only Benefit Of Diet Soda
We all are well aware of the fact that normal soda contains a lot of sugar and in diet soda, you get about less than 6 percent of it. Those who are on a diet and want to fill their stomachs think of it as a huge blessing. They have diet soda with their food or even without it, thinking that it doesn’t have much calories and it deals with the hunger pangs. While this may seem beneficial and it actually is in a way since it makes the whole weight loss process easier, there are more harms to diet soda than there are benefits. Now will you read about the harms it can bring.

The Harms Of Diet Soda
Brace yourself! If you have diet soda in the fridge right now, you might want to throw it out after finishing this read. Parents keep telling us that soda is not good for us, especially diet soda. While they may not give exact reasons, you can read them here:

  • While the calories are less because of less sugar, the artificial sweeteners that are used to make up for the taste are even more dangerous than sugar. Did you know that the artificial sweeteners dull our taste senses and if we have it for a long period of time then the dullness has the capacity to become permanent? Did you also know that artificial sweeteners not only cause weight gain but they mess up the entire insulin system in your body? This is quite a risk you are putting your health at.
  • This might come as a shock to you but research was done on the waistline of those who drank diet soda and those who didn’t over a great span of time (almost a decade). Those who did experienced a little less than five hundred percent of increase and about seventy percent of them had a permanent increase in their waist length of about seventy percent. These facts should be enough for you, especially if you are trying to stay fit!
  • Researches are working hard to explain the connection between diet soda and type 2 diabetes because it has been proven that those who drink a lot of diet soda are at an increased risk of developing diabetes. If diabetes is in your family especially, you should try by all means to stay away from such drinks.
  • Diet soda has absolutely no nutritional value for you. Sometimes people drink it and don’t eat anything else as their stomach is already filled up with the fizz. They then avoid having a proper meal which can lead to nutritional deficiency of the severest kind. Those people who are students especially are in the habit of doing this and before they know it, they are experiencing hair loss because of vitamin deficiency or any other such adverse effect.
  • The link has yet to be explained but many who consume diet soda have complained of having headaches. Many scientists think it is because of the artificial sweetener but this has yet to have valid evidence.
  • Diet soda has citric acid which is not good for the teeth and with passing time can destroy the enamel. If you worry at all about your denture, you will avoid having diet soda before your smile takes the toll for your eating and drinking habits.
  • This might scare you a little but drinking diet soda can also affect mental health. There has been a study conducted where those who were in the habit of consuming diet soda had a thirty percent chance of having depression.
  • It is bad for your bones!

This article should change your mind about diet soda. It is not at all good for your health and you should change to healthier drinks. Many people drink it for the fizz and if that is the case then they can switch of sparkling water. Health is very important and you should always take in something that is beneficial, not harmful. Even if you are dieting and need a calorie free drink, diet soda should not be your choice.


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