Introduction And Background
Weight loss is the topic of discussion for many around the world. This does not come as a surprise due to the alarming increase of obesity in most of the developed countries. The growth and popularity of fast food, the culture of eating out most of the time and the desserts and new sweets that are being introduced are all playing a vital role in weight gain. However, there is only one way to lose weight; dieting. Nonetheless, dieting is not all that matters. The dieter has a huge role to play as well in it and of course, the triangle would not be complete without the actual diet, the pattern one is to follow if they want to shed those extra pounds. Read on further and find out the importance of these three things separately as well as together in the regime for successful weight loss.

The Importance Of Diet
Your diet is what you are to follow. The diet is the first step you have to take towards your weight loss because it is the program that you have to follow so you have to choose wisely. Those who are not very fond of eating meat and proteins will probably choose a diet which is very rich in fruits and vegetables. Those who are not fond of eating the latter will probably choose a diet which consists of fish and meat and the sorts. The important thing here is to choose a diet which would suit and one that does not make you nutritionally deficit in anything. Sometimes people often choose diets which do make them lose weight but in the end they end up losing a lot more than their weight; their health. A close friend once did a diet in which she had only one single food item made from a recipe she got online. She ended up with severe hair loss, iron deficiency and also faced a lot of skin problems. Even if one has to lose weight, one should do it properly rather than going through a crash course and taking it a bit too far as well. For instance, if the food item she was having was meant to be had for four days, she must have had it for eight days. This does not help. Choose your diet carefully. Make sure it has every essential item and does not have that many calories and you are good to go.

The Importance Of Dieting
Once you have decided on which diet to follow and have entire meal plans, then all you have to do is FOLLOW it. This is easier said than done! This is where the importance of dieting comes in. Choosing a diet and making all the effort to make an entire diet plan is useless if you do not end up dieting. It’s like buying a car but then losing the keys to it. You can just look at the car then but not use it or drive it around. What good is that? Thus, dieting is extremely vital to the entire cause. Do not just plan around, take action as well. And continue with that action thoroughly and loyally. Do not cheat while dieting and you will be pretty fine!

The Importance Of The Dieter  
The dieter! The entire game plan rests on the dieter. Whether one picks a diet and then follows it, that all depends on whether or not one actually does it! The dieter is perhaps the most important corner of the triangle. Without the dieter’s determination or restraint, the diet and the dieting will be pretty useless. It all comes in full circle really, if you really think about. The dieter has to choose the diet. The dieter has to do the dieting. If the dieter does not choose a correct diet and does not remain true to the pattern of his diet, what good will the weight loss process be?

A Powerful Synergy
As you can see, the three are very dependent on one another. Even if one of them falters, the entire weight loss process will falter. For more powerful results and to ensure that this successful synergy remains intact, all three will have to be given equal importance and time.

Do not take your diet, or your dieting, or even yourself for granted. Losing weight is not easy and you need to understand that. It takes a lot of planning and will power and if you have that, what is stopping you from losing weight? Choose a diet now, stick to it and believe that you can do it. This unbreakable bond will prove to be on your side and soon enough you will see yourself looking gleefully at the scales!

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