The whole concept of the research that is done on weight loss is to find out what treatment is the easiest and the most effective. In that research, the two biggest contenders are dieting and exercising. Some people believe that controlling the diet is what makes all the difference and are usually seen speaking the famous saying, “you are what you eat”. On the other hand, the people who are sitting on the side of team exercise believe in the holiness of exercise and the miracles it performs on the body. Not to sound too casual but the truth is they are both wrong, and right. I know this might be confusing you but believe me when I tell you that this is exactly what it is. What I really mean here is that one factor alone isn’t enough. In some cases it may be but taking care of one aspect while ignoring the other can cause a lot of damage to the effort you put into losing excess weight. So it is important that both the things be done simultaneously so that the target is achieved in a more surefire manner. The purpose of writing this article is to put to rest this annoyingly long debate and find the ultimate solution. Read on to find out more about how the two sides work in harmony to achieve proper results.

The role of exercise

Exercise is all about burning calories. When you start exercising, your body starts burning calories at a rate that is much higher than when you were not moving at all and just sat at your home like a couch potato. As the body isn’t used to this much energy discharge, it only demands and amount of food intake that is enough to sustain the lazy you. When this sudden extra demand for energy comes, the body is forced to turn to the fat reserves to provide the additional energy as the readily available calories are just not enough. However as you continue to exercise, the body keeps on adapting to that and demands more food intake but with consistency, you can make your body used to actively tapping into the access fat to provide you with the energy you need and this constant reduction in the fat reserves can bring about a much more permanent change in your body.

The role of dieting

Proper intake of food is something that is just as important as exercise. Having a proper grip on the amount of calories you are consuming everyday is extremely important. If you are not able to control your food intake and keep on eating excess calories, it will leave you no chance of a reduction in weight even if you are exercising. It could also get worse and have a negative impact on your body, turning all that excess food into fat. Having a properly monitored diet is extremely important for weight loss as this is the only way you can keep track of the number of calories that are going into your body and the number of calories that are being consumed. Otherwise your efforts, no matter how tough and long, could end up going to waste.

The combination

If both the aspects of weight loss as described above are running in accordance with each other and are properly monitored, there is no way that you can ever fail at your efforts in controlling and then ultimately bringing down your weight. It is very obvious that the combination of both these factors is extremely important in making sure that your efforts are fruitful. The connection that the two have between each other has been pointed out very clearly. Now all that remains is for you to make a proper plan.


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