Introduction And Background

We always find an excuse not to diet, don’t we? It is just how dieters are. They got to this place by loving food unconditionally in the first place and to leave it all behind is just next to impossible, especially in the initial stages. However, we always manage to put of dieting according to our schedule. Sometimes we have parties to attend and cannot say no. Sometimes a friend brings us something and we simply cannot say not to that. Sometimes we are just going out with family and it’s a dinner after a long time and that cannot be avoided. And sometimes we have to travel. But ask yourself this, taking all things into consideration, will that really affect how you diet or your dieting schedule?

Can Travelling Affect Your Dieting Schedule?
If you are hell bent on losing weight and ensure that nothing gets in the way, only then can travelling not affect your dieting schedule. Otherwise, it gets hard to actually lay off food on the road and everyone finds excuses to put off their diet. However, it really doesn’t affect the schedule at all if you think about it. Most people travel for a few hours and that too by taking breaks in between. If the travelling is heavily scheduled, only then can obstacles come but if it is normal travelling, then that should not affect the diet. One can always pack their diet food along and take it whenever they want to. If they are the ones driving, they can always park by the side of the road and enjoy their diet meal before setting off again. And if they get extra hungry because they are travelling, then they should control their hunger pangs.

The Good Relation Between Dieting And Camping
Instead of thinking about camping and all the delicious food you might eat if you put off your diet, think about how this can greatly benefit your diet.

  • If you are camping, that means you will be doing a lot of physical activity, one that you will be unlikely to do right at home. Your calorie burnout will be greater and even your mood will be better. This is the perfect situation to actually stick to your diet food while enjoying your surroundings and burning more fat while you’re at it.
  • Take long walks and even if you don’t want to have your diet food, eat the natural food that you might take with you on camping or might find while you are there. They can surely not make you gain any weight, especially if they are cooked naturally too and not in heavy oils.
  • Camping makes you more active and along with being more physical, you are more distracted too. Though the physical exercise might make you feel more hungry, you will be distracted enough to let go of the pangs and stick to nature and the surroundings to give you peace.

Travelling On Planes
The aspect of travelling on the roads and camping was all good to go but if you are travelling on a plane and the flight is really long, that understandably can affect your diet. It is okay to put it off for a day or two because if you diet during that too, it will make you irritable and disgruntled. The only thing that might convince you to stick to your diet food is the airplane food and how bad people mostly find it.

Carry Around Your Food
The hardest thing to do while travelling is to plan ahead. Getting or making your diet food and then packing it and then carrying it around while you travel can get a bit hectic. This is why it is mentioned above that you will stick to your diet only if you are confident enough and feel strongly about it. Otherwise, if you are not motivated at all it can become quite hard for you to stick to your diet. The best thing to do in instances like this is to have a friend around to motivate you. But before getting that friend, please ensure that he or she does not start eating all the foods you like around you because then it will be hard for you to resist. You might not stick to your diet foods then.

Those who want to make an excuse for taking a day off from their diet will always find an excuse and those who are determined to lose weight will do anything to not go astray from their schedule. It really depends on how you see the situation. One can easily say that travelling does affect their dieting schedule while the hard core dieters can claim that it does not. Two sides to one story!

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