Introduction And Background
Would you ever let somebody give you anesthesia and cut you up or would you rather make a little effort yourself and avoid such a situation to arise? Sometimes it is confusing, whatever decision one makes but reading this article might open your eyes a little, if you were ever considering liposuction. One of the most terrible things about this entire scenario is that people are not really aware of the dangers of fat loss surgery. They think that it is simple and there is no risk to it. There is some sort of risk in every kind of surgery ever performed. In this article, you will get to know about the dangers that come with fat loss surgery and the risks involved.

Dangers Of Fat Loss Surgery
Losing weight is hard for some people and they take to the easy solution. However, before taking the easy road, they should know what they’re risking and here are a few things to know before embarking on having a surgery performed.

  • The risk of infection is there in every type of surgery, no matter what the survival rate. Statistics have shown that one in every twenty people who undergo fat loss surgery end up with some kind of infection.
  • Blood clots are also common and one can actually have an embolism due to it or some sort of blockage. It is a little less common than infection but the risk is still there. They usually form in the veins of the leg.
  • Internal bleeding is also one of the dangers that come with surgery and fat loss surgery is no exception. People can actually die on the table and the rate is that it affects about one in a hundred people.
  • The one thing that many people don’t consider with fat loss surgery is what will happen to their skin. Once the fat is removed, the skin becomes loose and saggy and often forms fold. In other words, one has excessive skin now and that does not look good. The skin has been stretched from the fat but now that it is gone, it doesn’t have that much area to cover. Thus, people often have to undergo another surgery for their skin and that also has its own risks. So in other words, you are putting yourself at double the risk.
  • The occurrence for this danger is more than any other; the risk of developing gallstones. You can have jaundice or feel nauseated after developing gallstones and they are actually quite painful at times. Formation of gallstones is one of the most common risks involved in fat loss surgery and usually happens about ten months after. One in twelve people who undergo this surgery develop gallstones later on! The risks just keep coming and coming. Changed your mind yet? No? Read on.
  • Psychological trauma also often hits after having surgery performed. People often feel very self-conscious at suddenly being so thin and it takes them a while to get comfortable in public. Sometimes they don’t get comfortable and the reality behind everything else hits them. Some also hate the fact that they have solved one problem but every other still exists. And since surgery is expensive, especially cosmetic surgery such as fat loss surgery, some often regret spending so much money.
  • The development of food intolerance is also one of the most common dangers to fat loss surgery. Some people suddenly feel nauseated while looking at stuff they used to love before. And because they’ve been through a surgery, they also don’t feel like eating much in case it all comes back and they have to go through it again. Physiological and psychological traumas are a pretty common effect of fat loss surgery.
  • Even though the chances of this danger are pretty less than all the others, it still exists. Death. One can even die while having something as simple as fat loss surgery. As mentioned above, it is still surgery. There have been various patients and many cases in which death has occurred due to an embolism or excessive bleeding or perhaps a wrong cut had been made on an artery. The reasons are endless but they all lead to the same conclusion. About one in a thousand people die from fat loss surgery.

After reading all this, hopefully you changed your mind about the way you look at weight loss? It is much easier to actually try and control your cravings and start a diet. Just getting rid of all of that fat by surgery is not the answer and it will certainly cause more problems than just obesity for you, as you can clearly see. Wear those joggers and start jogging in the park rather than walking your way over to the hospital!

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