Introduction And Background

With the new style and body set by super thin models all over the world, many teenage girls and even young adult women are crash dieting just to achieve a size zero figure that they see in magazines. What they don’t realize are the consequences of this type of unhealthy dieting that can seriously harm their body. It is a fact that women diet more than men. It is also a fact that dieting harms them more than it does men because their physique and system is more sensitive than a man’s.

How Can Dieting Be Unhealthy?

Dieting can be unhealthy in various ways. Sometimes, a woman diets on her own without any supervision or any specific diet in mind. She stops eating completely and lives on some sort of special food. She is depriving her body of the nutrition and elements and minerals that is its requirement. In the end, it will only affect her and the price she has to pay for the figure she’ll attain won’t be enough for the harm she will do.

What Are The Consequences Involved?

The consequences are majorly severe. It can really affect a woman’s life. Here’s how:
• Women have a higher chance of getting osteoporosis. Since the dieting will lower their calcium and iron levels, getting arthritis at a young age will be likely.
• Crash dieting can affect the timing of the menstrual periods and often affect the menstrual periods itself. Since this has a major effect on her physical well being, it will also affect her mentally.
• Women need their essentials for the body. They have to bear childbirth and undergo many stressful situations for which crash dieting is completely and totally unhealthy.
• The skin becomes darker and weak and dark circles are evolved around the eyes. The dark circles are often permanent and take ages to go away.
• Malnutrition occurs and bleeding gums and weak bones can develop.
There are many more consequences involved but they are more on the medical side and those terminologies will be a bit difficult for you to understand. But these are the major ones and should be kept in mind. Dieting immediately without doing the research and going on a crash diet is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It is better to first make a plan and lose weight gradually if you want to have a thing figure. Crash dieting will not only make you weak and pale, it will also ensure that your weight gain after you lose weight is easy and fast!

Then How To Lose Weight Quickly?

Since crash dieting is now out of bounds, there would be a dilemma amongst all the men and women of the world who want to lose weight fast and quick. There is now a way they can do this without all the issues of unhealthy dieting. The HCG diet, based on the hormone that elevates metabolism levels, is now available to those who really want to lose weight, and a lot of it at that. The HCG diet is basically the HCG drops that are to be taken and the results are of losing up to ten kilograms in a matter of two weeks. Of course, there are certain rules to be followed with this and a certain diet to be maintained. But it is a safe and secure way and there are no side effects to this diet since the hormone in the form of homoeopathic HCG drops is already present naturally inside the body too. Therefore, if losing weight quickly is on your agenda, then the way to do is with the HCG diet.


Unhealthy dieting can really affect your lifestyle. You can become irritated, annoyed and angry since you would feel hungry all the time and would have to suffer to endure those pangs. It will also affect whatever you do in life, whether you work or study. Worse off, it will affect your health. It is better to choose a diet that is not unhealthy and not a crash diet either. And if losing weight really fast is what you really want, then you have ways of doing that without putting yourself through the misery of a crash diet.

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