Introduction And Background

There are numerous diets that you will find almost everywhere. Magazines release a new diet almost every month in their issue and it creates a lot of confusion sometimes. With so many choices, it gets hard to decide which one to do and which one will suit you best. But only you can decide that. A friend of mine does not like eating meat or chicken that much so the Atkins diet is not really the diet for her. You have to find your own diet with the foods you like. However, a clear liquid diet consists of different liquids and having a problem with any liquid is rare. The Clear Liquid Diet will be discussed in this article.

What Is The Clear Liquid Diet?
The Clear Liquid Diet is a diet formed to help you lose weight. But it helps with more than that. Having only liquids does not make your stomach and intestines work too much as they do with solids. This diet will help keep your liquid levels up so that you do not get dehydrated and will also provide the essential nutrients and minerals in it. The diet does not give you some of the nutritional values that are required though and one should not do it for longer periods. The Clear Liquid Diet can also be done by people who have sugar problems, mainly diabetic people.

The Liquids Allowed In The Clear Liquid Diet
The list is not that restrictive but the diet suggests not to drink liquids that have a lot of color them, mainly purple or red. Here is a list of the liquids that are allowed on the clear liquid diet.

  • Soups and Broths
  • Jelly
  • Juices but without any pulp in them
  • Sodas without any sugar
  • Energy drinks
  • Tea but without any milk or sugar
  • Coffee but without any milk or sugar
  • Lemonade (again without any pulp)
  • Fruit juices or popsicles

The Use Of This Diet
Other than weight loss, the clear liquid diet is also used by patients before any major tests that requires their stomach to be empty or before any major surgery that they’re supposed to have. It can also be recommended if there are problems with digestion or if one is feeling nauseous. However, the diet can also be used for short term weight loss. But the short term weight loss is for only a day or maximum three days. Doing the diet for more than that time period is not good for the health and will eventually take up your storage of nutrients that can cause a lot of problems later in life.

The Benefits Of The Clear Liquid Diet
The Clear Liquid Diet has numerous benefits. They have been mentioned in the article but let’s have a clear look at them again.

  • It is utilized as the diet done before surgeries so that no complications occur.
  • It can make you lose a little weight.
  • The Clear Liquid Diet can relieve the stress on the stomach or the intestines and aid in the digestion process. Only for a short time.
  • If you are sick and are vomiting constantly and having problems while eating solid food, this is the diet to do.
  • It will increase your water levels and keep you hydrated without causing any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

The Disadvantages Of The Clear Liquid Diet
Although this diet is good, you can clearly see that it is not perfect. Here are a few disadvantages of the clear liquid diet:

  • It can only be done for a very short time. It can be really dangerous if one sticks to the clear liquid diet for a very long time.
  • Nutritional deficiencies can be caused as it does not meet the entire food pyramid requirement.
  • Your body storage levels of proteins, carbs and fats might be utilized in the process of this diet.
  • It cannot make you lose a lot of weight.

The Purpose And Aim For The Diet
To be honest, this diet was not really meant for weight loss. It is somewhat easy because there is no choice of foods to go with and liquids can be taken by anyone easily. However, the diet was basically designed with patients, especially those who are diabetic or are about to undergo surgery.

The Clear Liquid Diet is a good choice of diet but it is only good for a about two to three days. Doing it for more than this small time period can actually cause grave health problems and is not recommended at all. One can do the diet about once in a month or so but leading to more of that is not only unwise but dangerous as well.


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