In modern times, there are many ways to keep a journal of your diet journey. You’ll want to choose a method that fits into your lifestyle and that you will stick with. A journal doesn’t do any good if it’s not something you can access easily and comfortably.


Paper and Pencil


An old fashioned blank book can be a fabulous way to keep a journal. You may be very comfortable with the type of gift books you can buy at the bookstore or even a spiral notebook that’s from an office supply store.


Paper journals can be small enough to travel with you and they won’t ever crash the way a digital storage device can. They can also be placed on a bookshelf where you can look upon the volumes of your life with satisfaction.


Date Book


A calendar or date book can make an excellent journal. It already has the pages dated for you, all you need to add is the essential information. Make sure to choose a calendar or date book that has plenty of room to write.


Digital Diary


There are many software programs available to help you keep a diary on your computer. Many are free and can be stored on your hard drive so that only you can have access to them. You can even password protect your journal if you choose.




One of the most popular ways to record the events of ones life in the modern age is the blog – or internet journal. There are many sites that host free blogs where you can personalize your page with photographs, pictures, and videos.


With a blog, just be advised that a free blog site can delete your blog at any time. You may want to back up your information so that it doesn’t get lost forever. You can also decide whether or not to make your blog public. Many people like to share support through blogs.


Social Networking Site


Some people prefer to use a social networking site to share details of their diet and weight loss journey. is one of the most common sites for people working on weight loss and health goals. You may want to look into setting up a free profile.


This site will also give you the ability to share information with other people on a similar journey. You can get great motivation and support from online communities like this and many others.

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