Many people find dieting to be very difficult. While you won’t feel hungry on the hCG diet after a few days, you may have some of your psychological demons to battle. If you find that you’re feeling too restricted with the hCG diet, you may have the desire to cheat.


When you stray, even a little, from the plan you’ll find that your weight loss is substantially slowed. Doing everything you can to be prepared ahead of time will reduce your chances of cheating.


Check out Chapter 10 for some ideas of foods that seem decadent, but are within the confines of the hCG plan. Remember, you only have to follow the very low calorie diet for a maximum of six weeks and then you can begin to return to normal.


Focusing on your weight loss goal and keeping the end in mind will make it easier for you to stick to the plan. You’ll also want to celebrate the progress you’re making. Sometimes seeing the numbers go down on that scale is enough to motivate you to hold on a few more days.


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