When you’re starting a weight loss journey, keeping track of your success is essential. There are several reasons for this. Keeping a journal can help you with many aspects of dieting that make it a great tool.


Journaling is even more critical when you’re following the hCG diet. That’s because when you are on this program, you need to weigh yourself daily. This will help you to see your success, but it will also help you to stay on the program.


Daily Weigh In


When you start this diet program, you’ll be asked to weigh every day. This will help you to track your progress while you’re following the second phase of the diet plan. Don’t be surprised if you’re losing as many as 2-3 pounds on this plan.


Some days you may only lose .5 pounds, and that’s okay, too. As long as you’re losing some weight you can be sure you’re following the plan properly. There are a few times when you may see that your weight loss stalls.


For example, many people have a slow down in weight loss about a week into the program. This is normal and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. For women, you may experience a slow down when you start your period.


As this program is based on hormones, changes in your body’s hormones will also cause changes in the rate of weight loss. If you’re following the program to the letter and you’re experiencing no weight loss, it’s usually a result of hormones.


In fact, women who experience a drop in weight loss or even a weight gain (as long as they’re following the program perfectly) are advised to take a pregnancy test. This major change in hormones can cause the hCG diet plan to lose effect.


However, the pregnancy test will only be accurate if you stop using the hCG hormone for at least five days first. Remember, pregnancy tests are actually measuring hCG levels in the urine and if you’re taking hCG you could get a false positive.


During the maintenance phase of your program, you’ll use the daily weight in as a tool to determine how many starches and sugars you can add back into your diet. If you gain more than two pounds in a single day, you need to decrease those sugars.


Two pounds is not very much to measure, so a daily weigh in will help you to keep track of those fluctuations. Keeping a journal will help you to keep track of your daily weight and keep you up to date on your progress.


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