If you’re like most people reading this book, you’ve tried every diet known to man. You’ve counted calories, fat grams, and carbs. You’ve given up entire food groups and you’ve focused your entire diet on one food group.


In addition to all of these changes, you’ve also been required to add exercise into your diet. You’ve joined gyms, purchased videos, and hired personal trainers to help you carve the physique you’ve always wanted.


Why Traditional Diet and Exercise Programs Fail


When many people begin diet programs, they are already feeling overweight and fatigued. The absolute last thing they want to do is start exercising. But after reading a book or watching a program on health they decide that this is the only way to drop the pounds.


So they go all in. They buy the gym membership and sign up for the personal training package. They work out 7 days a week while their trainer Barbie tells them to just do a few more reps. Feeling the burn means you’re doing the work, so you end up so sore you can’t move.


After a while, the real world gets in the way and you miss an appointment or two at the gym. Or you even get so burnt out from overdoing it the first few weeks that you give up completely – or even worse, get hurt.


Over time, you find that you’re paying for a membership to a club you never go to anymore. Barbie is just a distant memory. And now you feel more like a failure than you ever have before. Cue eating too much and gaining more weight.


Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, it’s time to break that cycle and try a whole new approach. With the hCG diet, you won’t be asked to jump onto the exercise roller coaster that some diets ask of you.


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