Any time you begin a new exercise program that involves taking pills or adding supplements to your diet, you’re naturally curious about side effects. In many cases, diet supplements have been found to cause major health problems.


However, with the hCG diet, you’ll worry a lot less. The hormone being added to your routine may mean you feel some changes, but you won’t need to worry about some of the scary side effects you get with diet drugs.


The Danger of Diet Drugs


Before we talk too much about side effects, it’s important to remember that hCG is not a “diet drug”. Instead, it’s a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. In the case of the hCG diet we’re harnessing what nature has given to help burn fat.


But with most diet remedies on the market, the same can’t be said. In fact, many diet medications can be extremely dangerous and end up being pulled by the FDA because of side effects.


Side effects of diet drugs can include:


• Increased heart rate

• Increased blood pressure

• Nervousness

• Dizziness

• Cramping

• Diarrhea

• Gas

• Headache

• Dry mouth

• Insomnia

• Constipation

• Increased risk of heart attack


With all of those problems, it’s no wonder people have concerns when starting a program involving supplements. However, you can avoid these dangerous side effects by following the hCG diet.


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