Introduction And Background

The obese population of the world is running a maniac race on losing weight. The thing is, they are not worried or concerned about eating right or losing weight in a way which does not affect their health. They are only concerned with looking good. But know this, the content and nutrition present in the foods is probably even more important than the weight loss part. Everyone, especially children, should know what carbohydrates, proteins and fats are and what it actually does to the body. They should also know about the requirements.

What Are Carbs?

Carbs is the short form for carbohydrates. They are organic substances present in food that are essential and vital for the proper functioning of the human body. For the people who diet, there is always an informational section on carbs. Carbs are basically used for storage purposes. The sugar and the sacchharides present in the food are all forms of carbs. They are important for the body, especially for the functioning of the human brain but one should not over eat foods containing carbohydrates because they have the power to make you gain weight. One should also know that there are good carbs, which are present in vegetables and fruits and are quite beneficial for our health. And then there are bad carbs which are present in manufactured sweet products and sugared sodas and other sugary items. They are not harmful for you unless you eat them a lot. They are found in bread, rice, potatoes, milk and of course, in all kinds of sugary stuff. Most dieters find the foods high in carbs and then avoid them. They are present in storage form after all. This is good but do have them once in a while to fulfill the necessary requirement of carbohydrates in the body.


What Are Proteins?

Proteins are also dietary organic compounds and probably the most vital and important food for the human body. Remember this before reading further; Even if you are dieting, do not decrease your protein intake. Proteins are found in almost every food. Some have a large quantity while some contain only traces of it much like vitamins and minerals. Proteins are present in almost every part of your body. Your muscle is protein. Your organs are protein. Your heart is protein. Your skin also contains protein. Getting straight to the point, it is the most important food component and cannot be avoided. Having protein in your diet on a daily basis is needed. Without this, health problems will develop. For those who are dieting, they should find out what foods are high in protein and then they should include that in their diet so that they skip the sugar and fats and have what is really required. Protein rich foods are eggs, fish, chicken and meat. Beans also have high protein content. Protein has the ability to develop stronger muscle which is better than gaining fat. A friend has always maintained her weight and does not over eat. Once asked how she does it, she says she has an egg every day for breakfast. Once the protein is in her stomach in the morning, her muscles do not give her hunger pangs so she does not go crazy over food. Smart of her, right?


What Are Fats?

This is probably the section most people would like to read. What exactly are fats? They are also compounds present in food that have the ability to provide tremendous energy. They are nutrients. They are essential. But the question is not of what it does, but how it is misused. Foods containing fat are many but they are always found in small amounts in vegetables and meat and even sugary substances. But then, fat is present in oil, and oil is present in almost every cooked food. Nobody eats raw! The basic reason behind obesity is this fat component. Those who love to eat over do on everything. They eat pizzas, burgers and do not look back or contain themselves. Fat is also a storage nutrient, probably even more than carbohydrates. And the thing is, fat is stored beneath the skin which makes the body more round and makes it lose shape. And the thing is, it is even harder to get rid of which is why it is so difficult to lose weight one has gained. Fats are found mostly in fried things, in vegetables such as potatoes and in white and red meat too. Do not deep fry your food. This is also one of the major reasons behind obesity.


For obese people, dieting is the only solution. But they should also know the components of the food they are eating while dieting so that they can at leastĀ fulfilĀ their daily nutritional requirements. There are diets available which can make you lose weight quickly such as the HCG Diet. It is a good diet where you have the drops of HCG which is a hormone that can enable your metabolism to work faster. The weight loss is tremendously fast and there is no law to food consumption, just on the amount of calorie intake. It has no side effects either. Better to get rid of the problem fast before you compromise on healthy food just because of the mistake of over eating.

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