Introduction And Background

Cooking oils are not given the importance that they should be. We often discard them as being the least important of all factors and only when we grow up and encounter health problems is when we realize how essential it was to know about the oil you are cooking your food in. At least, this is the routine that is seen by all. Often our parents and grandparents face some sort of heart problems and their doctor usually advises them to change their cooking oil to a healthier one for the heart. Shouldn’t we know about which oil is better well before that happens?

What To See In A Cooking Oil
Well, when you talk about cooking oils, you only think whether or not it is good and wrapped and that it cooks food just fine. Rarely will you try to research and find out about the nutrients it contains or what benefits and harm it could do to your body. Here are a few things you should see in cooking oil:

 What Kind Of Fat It Contains!
This is really important. Whether it contains polyunsaturated fat or monounsaturated fat or even saturated fat, you should know about. Some kinds of fats are good for your body while others are harmful. So do not follow the ideology that if it contains fat, it contains fat. Even fat has variations and you ought to know about them.

 What Is The Smoke Point?
This is the sort of thing that is overlooked or not known about. We cook our food but we disregard what nutrients it contained before cooking or after being fried in oil. Sometimes the nutrients are destroyed in certain kinds of oil if the temperatures are too high. This is why you should consider a cooking oil which has a high smoke point in which the nutrients remain intact even at high cooking temperatures.

 How Good Is It For The Heart?
You should definitely consider this one. Cooking oils are responsible for your cholesterol levels and your cholesterol levels are responsible for your heart. You might be able to fully avoid heart problems if you take good care of your heart.

Canola Versus Corn Oil – Which One Is Better?
Now to get to the real question, which one is better canola or corn? The answer to that will come when you will, detail by detail, account for all the things mentioned above to look in cooking oil amongst other things. Let’s gather information and then come to a conclusion.

– When you do the research about the top most oils for cooking, canola oil usually lies in the first or second position while corn oil is hardly ever in the top ten.

– They contain the same amount of calories.

– Canola oil contains more polyunsaturated fats and has a way high content of essential fatty acids than corn oil. Not only that, canola oil even has a very low amount of unhealthy saturated fatty acids which is not the true for corn oil.

– Canola oil has been recognized for lowering LDL cholesterol levels in the body which form the basis for numerous heart diseases. Not only that, as mentioned above it also improves on the good fatty acids, being essentially high omega-3 fatty acids which are immensely beneficial for the body.

– Canola Oil and corn oil are not oils which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are both almost the same in that category.

– Different researches are being conducted with both oils and it has been found out that in animal species, canola oil reduces tumors while corn oil leaves no general mark. A lot of scientists consider canola to be taken as a reduced risk factor for breast cancer!

– Canola oil has a high smoke point which means that even if cooked in higher temperatures, canola oil’s nutrients as well as the nutrients of the cooked food will remain intact. Corn oil’s smoke point is less than canola’s.

Canola Oil – The Clear Winner
After gathering all the details, it is obvious which one is the clear winner here. Canola oil is far better than corn oil. Corn oil is not all bad but it contains a lot of problems, one of them being obesity as well. Corn oil can also be allergic for some people which rarely or mostly never happens with canola oil.

As you can see, canola oil is better for your health and overall holds the greater value. Corn oil isn’t bad but compared to others it somehow comes up lacking. If you have the option to opt for canola, you should. Every doctor would recommend it. Every piece of information would recommend it.


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