Introduction And Background

Obesity is not just a social stigma anymore, it brings the onset of many diseases. Roughly, about eighty percent of the obese people want to be thin again because it is a social embarrassment and no one wants to be with fat people. The other twenty percent want to lose weight because it is putting them at risk of having a disease such as diabetes or even blood pressure problems. Some women cannot conceive either due to weight problems which is another one of the reasons of why weight loss is really important and gaining weight is dangerous. Thus, dieting is the solution to all of these problems. With exercise alone, one can maintain their weight, not lose it. To achieve weight loss, dieting is the only thing that can help, aside from liposuction that is.

Things To Eat In A Diet
Actually, this varies with every single diet. There will be protein diets where you will be allowed to have foods rich in proteins only. There will be vegetarian diets in which you will eat only vegetables. There will be diets in which you will eat only fruits. There will be diets which will allow all of these nutrients but then they will also choose for you the foods you can eat. Thus, things to eat in a diet can vary according to the diet but they will all help you achieve what you want which is weight loss. But then there will be certain parts of food you can have and not the other parts; take egg for instance.

Can We Eat Eggs While Dieting?
Yes, we can definitely eat eggs while dieting if the diet permits us to do so. Nonetheless, even the low fat diets which allows eggs only allows the white part of the egg. We cannot eat the yolk since it is only high in fat content and does not have any nutritional elements which are vital to us and cannot be found elsewhere.

How Many Eggs Are Allowed?
Seeing that eggs are a daily part of life, it is hard to skip it, especially for those who have it for breakfast daily. They are high in cholesterol which is why one is not supposed to have more than one or two daily but in a diet, you can have two egg whites. Since the yolk is out of the picture which has the high cholesterol content, you can go ahead and have two egg whites. Egg whites are rich in proteins and are good for health for the human body in general.

Why Are Eggs Allowed In Diet?
Eggs are allowed in diet for various reasons. For one thing, you are told not to have the yolk so the danger part of the egg for ruining the diet is gone. There is no reason for you not to have eggs. They are good for health, as said before, and they are also rich in proteins. Since they are rich in proteins, eating eggs in the morning will keep you full for longer, keeping those hunger pangs away for a longer time. This will only enable you to be faithful to your diet and to keep you right on track. After all, appetite control is of utmost importance in a diet and anything that can help with that can help you lose weight.

The Way You Can Have Eggs
Just because you are allowed to have eggs does not mean you can have them in any way you like. Let’s make one thing clear, scrambled eggs are out of the question. You cannot of course make scrambled eggs without the yolk part and frying the eggs is also out of the equation. You need to have eggs the low fat way and only the white part of the eggs is permissible. Most of the people hard boil the eggs and then remove the yolk afterwards, eating only the white part. Some also poach the eggs. If you badly want to eat scrambled eggs, you can have them by poaching the eggs and then using very little vegetable or olive oil to make them. But you need to be careful in not having too many eggs to begin with. Do not overdo on them even if you are allowed the white.

Eggs are allowed in most diets so you do not need to worry about that. You will be told on how you can have them and when you can have them, if the diets are scheduled right down to the last snack you have at night. Other than that, if you are dieting on your will then look up calories of an egg and then according to your daily calorie limit, you can perhaps even have the yolk!

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