Introduction And Background
The word broccoli is not something that everyone wants to hear because ever since childhood, it is the one vegetable that everyone runs away from. But even then, even though it was our least favorite vegetable to look at or to eat, our mothers still made us eat them because broccoli is very, very healthy. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Once you are done reading this article, you might even go up to your mother and thank her for making an attempt to make you eat it at least! It might not get the awards for being the most favorite vegetable in the world but it might just get an award for being one of the best! Read on to find out more about broccoli and how it can make your body and health even better.

Many Nutrients
Broccoli contains quite a number of nutrients. It has iron in it and a good amount of fiber along with the essential vitamins such as the B group of vitamins as well as A and C and K. All of this makes it a pretty good option for a balanced and healthy diet. It contains various other antioxidants as well.

Broccoli Helps To Prevent Osteoarthritis
Sulfopharane present in broccoli is a known anti-inflammatory agent and is pretty good to slow down somewhat the process of joint decomposition. The study has been done on some mice and it has shown tremendous breakthroughs at the joints in preventing any sort of discomfort in movement. Osteoarthritis is a leading problem in many older people and if broccoli can somehow help to reduce the process, you should think of having it in your diet more frequently.

Fights Cancer
Did you know that broccoli can actually fight cancer because it has anti-cancer implementations such as detoxifying the body, having anti-oxidants and preventing hormone related cancers. Research has also implied that if broccoli is eaten with spices, it can further enhance its anti-cancer properties and effects!

Fights Depression Too!
Vitamin B Folate is known to make our mood better and guess which vegetable is rich in this particular vitamin? Yes, you got it! Broccoli has this mood booster so get a hold of it if ever you are feeling a bit low. You never know, broccoli might just make you feel better!

Better Bone Health
Building a better body means building better bone health and since broccoli has both calcium and vitamin K, you should know it comes in the list of foods that can prevent osteoporosis from occurring!

Potassium Rich As Well Which Means…
That broccoli can actually regulate blood pressure. The two things you need to know about potassium is that it can help to reduce the water retention caused by sodium and that it can help to reduce blood pressure. People who have problems of high blood pressure should eat broccoli and try to control it naturally before turning to any medication and being dependent on it.

No Digestion Problems
Since Broccoli has a high fiber content in it, you will no longer feel constipated if you have it. There are very little digestive problems to face if you eat broccoli regularly because since it has fiber and is a healthy vegetable, it is quite perfect for your bowel system and increase peristalsis and provides the bulk to your stool to ensure that you do not feel constipated which is becoming a very common problem nowadays, mostly due to our diet.

For The Eyes
Your vision is an important factor, isn’t it? For the eyes, broccoli does come in handy. It is a rich source of vitamin A which can cure night blindness and since it has lutein as well, it can help prevent cataracts too.

The Immune System Booster
Vitamin C is a vitamin which can prevent a lot of infections, help fight them off and also gives a boost to the immune system. Isn’t it just lucky that broccoli has a good amount of vitamin C in it? Since you know that it already helps to eradicate and remove the toxins present in the body, you won’t be surprised to know that it is quite a good immune booster and you can seriously even help yourself during the common cold if you have broccoli.

As you can clearly see the various reasons behind it, you can build a better body with broccoli. You should really thank your mother for trying to make you eat it during childhood and now you should eat it yourself and make her eat it as well for it will help a lot to combat and battle a lot of conditions which come with old age. Broccoli is one of the best vegetables present and you should take full advantage of that.


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