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How To Keep Your Motivation Up For Weight Loss?

Introduction And Background Those who have yet to try to lose weight will always say that it is easy and can be done. Well, it is easier said than done! It is not easy for a person who has gained weight with a large appetite to suddenly lay off food and instill some exercises in their routine, something which they probably have never done. It is not easy to control hunger pangs that constantly hit and also disturb your sleep during the first few days of dieting. It is not easy to join friends at parties where they can eat just anything and you have to stop yourself from taking a single bite even because it might ruin your weight loss plan. And it is definitely not easy when the weight loss is gradual and slow and you have to keep at it even though your motivation is slowly fading away. This article will tell you how to keep yourself motivated till the end, till you have achieved your weight loss goal.

Keep The End Goal In Mind Whenever you feel down and don’t feel like continuing the diet anymore, try to keep the end goal in mind. Picture yourself as someone thin and lean and then maybe even imagine people giving you compliments. Vanity is something found in every human being and it is best to use it in a positive manner. In this case, use it for weight loss. Keeping the end goal in mind will keep you motivated and keep you at it, you won’t start eating food uselessly and ruining your diet like most people suddenly do when they are tired of their diet.

Find A Partner It is best to find a partner who is dieting with you so that you both can keep a check on each other. It’s true, the love and craving for food has the power to sway so it is best if you have someone around who can keep encouraging you and it is fairly easy to listen to them as well because inside you know they are going through the same thing. Hence, the brain starts to think ‘if they can do it, why not me?’ Utilize this reaction as well!

Get A Digital Scale At times even those few decimal points are enough to keep you going. Those who have a manual scale won’t really see the difference that clearly unless it is in kilograms while those who have a digital scale will see the difference in pounds as well. It has an impact and you feel happy that at least your weight loss efforts are proving to be fruitful rather than futile. Getting a digital scale will really change the way you look at your weight and even the merest points are going to motivate you.

Look At Thinner People This is not to make you feel bad or anything but at times it does help out immensely. A friend once was really tired of dieting and wanted to give up but he went to a party and saw lean people around and felt motivated again that he wanted to be as lean and smart as them. After that incident, it took him less than three months to become what he wanted to be and he did not once wane or cheat on his diet. It sometimes helps to envision and see for real how you want your body to be in order for you to try and achieve it in real.

Shake Your Head Before Eating And if there are times that you feel as if things are not going as planned and you really want that piece of cake, you can use this psychological technique that most doctors advise their patients. Look at the cake for a full ten seconds while shaking your head from side to side whispering no to yourself. At the end of the ten seconds, chances are very high that you will probably be walking away from that piece of cake and resuming your diet. It is a way of keeping yourself away from any food that might ruin your diet and will keep your motivation going high.

Conclusion These techniques are real life methods of motivation and can really help you make up your mind once and for all and keep you going on the right path. It is best to use mind over matter, not take any kind of pills or something. Just use your brain and the human nature that you’ve got and you will not dwindle from the path that you have chosen. Once motivated to lose weight, you will start to stay motivated with these techniques, try them out if you feel the least bit demotivated over your process.

Does Rice Make You Fat?

Introduction And Background In every diet that you must have seen or followed, there is absolutely no mention of having rice anywhere. Whether it is the Atkins diet or the fruit diet or the soup diet or the banana diet, not one single diet contains rice. And overall, many people advise one another to not have rice when trying to lose weight. That might answer the question easy of whether or not rice makes one fat because the answer is; yes, rice does make you fat. But then again, you also need to know which type of rice you can have and which type of rice makes you fat and why.

Rice In Moderate Amounts Is Okay Having rice in moderate amounts is alright, it does not make you fat. There are many countries in the world where rice is a staple food and the people there are pretty thin and fit. For instance, many Asian countries have rice as a staple food and are in the habit of eating it daily but their weight does not increase much because they have it in moderate amounts and don’t overdo it.

The Type Of Rice The type of rice also holds an importance in this scenario because if one has white rice consistently then they should know that white rice has a very high glycemic index which means that there will be spikes of insulin and glucose in the body which one does not want and is not good for weight or health either. Brown rice, on the other hand, does not have a high glycemic index and many people actually find it very healthy and yummy to eat. Refined white rice also loses some of its nutrients such as the vitamins and minerals present on the outer surface which are discarded during the process so be careful about that as well.

The Fiber In Rice High fiber foods are pretty good for a diet and essentially reduce your appetite and help you in losing weight. However, one thing that you should know is that even though rice has fiber in it, it also has carbs in it. Carbs can easily make you gain weight so don’t think that just because there is fiber in rice, it is okay for you to eat it anytime and in any amount. It will make you fat if you don’t watch out.

Turn To Boiled Rice Boiled rice is the best way to have rice. If you’re fond of it, you can easily manage a bowl of it with some low fat gravy which will prove to be fruitful for your health and not give you many calories in the first place. In this scenario, it would be pretty easy for you to maintain your weight and in no way will rice make you fat. It is mostly about the serving size. A single bowl of boiled rice generally takes about five to ten percent of the calorie intake of a 2000 calorie daily die if you’re managing that.

Turn To Brown Rice Another thing that you can do as mentioned above is to turn to brown rice. Although it is difficult for some who have developed that taste for white rice and quite like it, perhaps changing the mind won’t be so difficult if ones know how healthy brown rice is. It also has a low glycemic index which makes it perfect and is higher in fiber that white rice. It is also full of nutrition as it has a lot of vitamins and minerals and is even high in potassium which is pretty amazing for heart health. The heart is not the only thing benefiting; even the risk of diabetes is reduced by a major percent with brown rice. Both these things help in actually losing weight and not gaining any; maybe this factor might help to switch to brown rice instead of white.

Watch Your Servings In the end though what truly matters to make sure rice does not make you fat is the serving size. Even with brown rice if you overdo it, you might not really gain as much weight as with white rice but you won’t be reducing any either. Make sure that the serving size of both brown or white rice is normal and that one does not overeat.

Conclusion Rice does have the tendency to make you fat but only if you’re not playing it safe. If you’re eating a lot of rice with oily and fatty gravies then chances are that you won’t be seeing the weighing scales move in your favor. It is best to make sure that you’re eating brown rice and also watching your serving size because only this way can rice not make you increase your weight.


Basics Of Food Allergy

Introduction And Background Allergies are a pretty common reaction that people have against something that their body does not agree with or never gets accustomed to. Some people have an allergic reaction from pollen during the spring season and every year they have a runny nose during it, unless they are taking some sort of medication to improve their condition or desensitize themselves. Some people are allergic to bee stings and can actually have an anaphylactic shock in which epinephrine has to be given as a life-saving drug. However, having food allergies are an entirely different entity and one has to be super careful with a food allergy. What are food allergies and what foods are commonly involved and how one can handle such situations; you’ll find it all in the article below.

Allergy Towards Food This does not mean that one has an allergy towards all foods but actually some nutrients in some foods or some kind of foods that can cause an adverse reaction in the body. The most common example is being lactose intolerant which is becoming increasingly common and awareness has also been multifold. Those children who are genetically lactose intolerant cannot digest it and generally have to have items without lactose in it whether it is milk or biscuits or even cereals. There are people who are allergic towards seafood or some kind of fish perhaps and they have a bloating and swelling reaction almost immediately after consumption of the item. Allergy towards food is not uncommon and many people around the world have it; it is not something out of the ordinary.

Common Foods Against Which Allergy Is Found There are some common foods which do not come as a surprise when mentioned in allergic reactions. You already know about lactose and seafood. Here are some of the others:

  • An allergy towards peanuts is very common as well. There are quite a number of children who have developed this allergy their parents generally inform the school and educate the child too on how they should not have peanuts as a precautionary measure.
  • Other than peanuts, other dry fruit also deem an allergic reaction in some people such as walnuts or soybeans or almonds even.
  • Some people are allergic towards eggs and have to be careful in not having any item which might have eggs in it which even includes cakes and biscuits. It could bring an adverse reaction which one definitely would not want.
  • Wheat intolerance is also pretty common and the person who has this allergy cannot have any other product which has wheat in it such grains of barley or rye or even gluten. It could really harm the health.

How To Manage Food Allergies? Managing food allergies takes a little getting used to but it is not that difficult, especially if those around you know as well that you’re allergic to the item as well. Here are a few things that you can do in order to manage your allergy.

  • You have to first tell yourself that there is no medication that can prevent your allergy and make you react well to that food. You cannot take any drug and then start having peanuts if you’re allergic to them. If you are allergic, that means you shouldn’t have them at all costs.
  • Know what triggers you. Usually it takes people a long time to figure out that they are allergic and it wasn’t just a stomachache. Usually when children or babies start throwing up milk consistently and cannot seem to digest it then doctors run some tests to find out what is causing the reaction.
  • Once you know what is causing the allergy, try to do some research on it and then ensure that you have no item in the house that might do some damage and if you do then it should be known that you cannot have it. For instance, lactose intolerant people need to be strictly aware of what food items have lactose in them so that there is no mistake later on or any accident of intake.
  • For those who have children with allergies, they need to inform their children about it and to explain the situation wisely. It is also best to inform the school and the teacher about the allergy to avoid any unforeseen harm.

Conclusion Food allergies are nothing to be scared of or upset about. As long as you are managing the situation, it will not cause you any harm. However, some people do feel that it is irritating to always check a product and see whether or not it has the item they’re allergic to but they must remember that it is for their own safety and good and in the long run this habit will lead them to live a better and safer life.

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