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What Are SuperFoods And Their Benefits?

Introduction And Background
The name superman and superwoman have a resonating effect on our ears and we automatically think that they are the best amongst the superheroes now, don’t we? Well, that is an argument that a comic fanatic can get into but the bottom line is, we associate the word ‘super’ with the best of things. Thus, when we are talking about superfoods, we would assume and rightfully so that these foods are the best ones out there and their benefits are matchless! If you want to know which foods are the super foods and how they can benefit your health, you must read till the end to get the full knowledge and it will only be for your own betterment! And also perhaps for your family as well, if you share the knowledge or give them this benefit if you are responsible for the kitchen.

What Are Superfoods?
Superfoods are not foods that give you superpowers, if that thought ever entered your mind. But they do make you more powerful. They are the foods which have nutrients that can enable your body to become healthier and have many benefits. So what foods are the superfoods and what are their benefits? Read on further to find out which foods make it to the superfood list and why they did so.

Blueberries are considered to be one of the best and most heavenly tasting fruits there are. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and also have certain anti-cancer nutrients that not only protect from cancer but also save you from many unwanted and toxic reactions that can occur in the body. And as blueberries are rich in fiber and vitamins, they are pretty good for weight loss purposes as well. Could that be its superpower, aiding in weight loss? Many would seem to think so!

You might have seen your parents or your grandparents having this for breakfast and consider it an old people food but the truth is, oatmeal is just too healthy to ignore. Considered to be one of the healthiest items one can have for breakfast, the nutrients of oatmeal not only boost metabolism and aid in digestion, it also fights peptic diseases and bowel diseases. Oatmeal also helps fight heart diseases because it regulates cholesterol levels by lowering the bad cholesterol of the body which is the LDL.

Green vegetables aside, no one likes broccoli and it is the universal truth. No one likes it but yet all parents force their children to have it. There must be some reason behind it, right? No one likes to torture their children. Well, broccoli is in fact one of the healthiest green vegetables out there. It has so many vitamins and minerals and also boasts of being high in fiber. It not only fights many diseases but is pretty good for fighting heart disease. It is one of the superfoods and rightfully so as it also prevents cancer!

Every child believed that spinach had magical powers when Pop-eye the sailor man used to have it and get strength. Well, spinach might not give you that kind of strength but it does make your body more powerful by boosting immunity, metabolism and also being high in fiber and rich in other nutrients.

Let’s not forget that fish is a superfood too! Fish is not rich in a lot of healthy protein but also has the essential fatty acids that are necessary for proper growth and development. Salmon is a good tasting fish and is a top favorite of those who really like to eat this particular type of meat.

Rich in protein and essential fatty acids, eggs also contain biotin, an element required by our body in trace amounts but is vital for the proper functioning of the body. Eggs are a superfood and one of the foods that do not need to be told to be taken because eggs are quite famous for being had as breakfast by most of the population around the world. So yes, you are good in having a superfood for breakfast!

Almonds and other dry fruit are good because they have many essential nutrients, are extremely fulfilling because of their high fiber content and research has shown that almonds are quite good for the brain as well. You can do no wrong in having a handful of almonds about once or twice a week!

Superfoods should definitely be on your list of things to have daily. There are many more and you can search them up but these are the most common ones out of every component of the food pyramid. Superfoods can really turn your life around if you try and have them. They can benefit you a lot!

What A Healthy Grocery List Looks Like

Introduction And Background
It is very important to know what to buy, do you know why that is? You are eventually going to eat what you are buying thus it is like you are actually shopping for meals. Hence, having a sound knowledge of food and making a proper grocery list is an essential act for the member of the household who does the grocery shopping. If you have a family to take care of, it is vital you know this and even if you are living alone and are only responsible for yourself, it would not hurt to actually be aware of good information for your health now would it? Read the article further to get acquainted with the proper grocery list and having an idea of what it should look like!

It Should Have…
Here are the components to a healthy grocery list that should definitely be on your list the next time you visit the mart. If you are the one who shops for the family, be sure to include these items so that your family can eat healthy and feel healthy and are not missing out on the essential components that are mightily required for the daily growth and maintenance of the human body.

  • The Proper Meat
    Most of the people only get chicken for their family because either their family does not want to eat beef or fish or they are used to having chicken only. Well, it is up to you to change that by mixing it up a little. Get the proper meat and don’t just stick to the chicken only policy. Try feeding the kids fish or even get acquainted with the taste yourself if you are not fond of it either. If your spouse is fond of eating beef, switch to chicken or fish for him or her at times because it keeps things healthy. Eating beef all the time is not good for anyone. A healthy grocery list always includes all kinds of meat and not just one.
  • The Fruity Essentials!
    Your grocery items should concentrate on fruits rather than getting those crackers or that bag of chips. Try buying the seasonal fresh fruits that are available and get a system running in the household where the fruits are finished by the family by the end of the week so that you can get more. Fruits often make the perfect snack and if one gets into the habit of having fruits when hungry rather than junk food, it will prove to be pretty beneficial in the long run and your family might also suffer less from vitamin deficiencies that are becoming quite common these days.
  • The Greens!
    Let’s not forget the items that are most valuable in the entire scenario and those are the vegetables. The green leafy vegetables are essential and you should buy them even if your family is not fond of them. Once you buy the vegetables, you will have to have them cooked in a few days anyway because otherwise they will rot if you do not keep them in the fridge. This way, you are giving your family and yourself a healthy meal every now and then!
  • The Other Things
    These things would include the eggs, bread, yogurt, jam and other such items that are good to have lying around. The eggs are essential since almost everyone in the entire world has them for breakfast daily but the other items are necessary too because one should have them at times. For instance, having yogurt, cheese or milk in the house is pretty advantageous as they are loaded with calcium and if someone has either of those things daily, they will fulfill the calcium daily requirement that their body needs. And when you also select an oil for cooking, stick to the good ones such as olive oil or sunflower oil!
  • The Snacks?
    As much as you should avoid this, the kids do go crazy when there are no snacks after a grocery shopping trip. Stick to the healthier snacks such as snackers rather than buying salted chips. Do not buy many sweet things and find healthier snacks, those made of wheat or oats. You need to do a little searching for them but they are certainly there!

A Tip
Do your grocery shopping every week, not every month. When you go grocery shopping every month and start storing everything in the fridge, it makes your routine worse and your food is not as fresh anymore as it would be if you started doing grocery shopping every week. For those who are going weekly, keep that routine and for those who go monthly, try the weekly cycle. It will prove to be better.

As you can see, the grocery list needs to fulfill the food pyramid requirements by having ample amounts of protein and some amounts of carbohydrates and fats!

Treadmill Vs. Elliptical Vs. Exercise Bike – Which One Is Better?

Introduction And Background
Finding the right type of exercise machine for yourself can be a little hard because truth be told, you can see the benefits of every machine as well as some of the disadvantages to having them as well. It is a mighty hard decision to make but if you have the right information and know your needs and wants, it becomes an easy one. You should do all your research before buying a gym product for yourself to be honest because it is going to cost you and is not just something you can discard after a month. It will be lying around your house for years for you to use so better to buy something that you like and will actually use! In this article, three of these machines are to be discussed and then decidedly discussed which one is better and why!

A Worthy Debate
Deciding between a treadmill and an elliptical machine becomes harder and if you throw in the exercise bike to the mix, it becomes even harder to choose because as said above, all three of them have their benefits and all three have their disadvantages as well. All three will be discussed in detail nonetheless.

The Treadmill
Probably the most known of the three, the treadmill has forever been used as an exercise machine for weight loss and is probably the most common one found in all households. But remember, just because a thing is common does not mean that it is the best thing out there for you. The benefits of treadmill are quite a lot actually.
ProsIt is a weight bearing machine which means that you are bound to burn more calories. It is also considered to be one of the top notch muscle building exercise and since a treadmill speed can be altered, you can exercise according to your mood. You can either go for a light walk right there in your bedroom or enjoy a healthy jog or even a sprint, whatever mood you are in at that time. Since treadmills are famous and also have been used since quite some time, a lot of research has been put into it to make it one of the best machines out there for a cardio workout. However, this is not all there is to it.
Cons – You must have heard that treadmills often give joint pain and most people do experience it. Most companies have been trying to eradicate this problem but it still persists as a lot of pressure is applied on the joints in the posture the treadmills are in. Most people elevate their treadmills thinking that their workout will get more strenuous but it not only affects their posture but also takes a toll on the joints.

The Elliptical Machine
The elliptical machine is also one found in many households as it is.
Pros – The elliptical machine takes lesser space than the exercise bike or the treadmill and also does not give any joint problems. It provides a sound exercising experience for the upper as well as the lower body and you can also change the strides at will to exercise muscles of either side.
Cons – Nonetheless, the elliptical machine does not have the weight bearing effect that is present with the treadmill and the machine helps you to burn calories but at a less amount than the treadmill.

The Exercise Bike
The exercise bike is also commonly found and is probably the cheapest one of the three which is an advantage if you want to remain fit but the finances are not allowing you to splurge on the other two items.
Pros – The exercise bike is a pretty good exercising machine for the legs and you can also build muscle mass and exercise those legs.
Cons – However, it is a good exercise for the legs mostly and does not engage the entire body like the other two machines. An exercise bike also limits your movements as only your legs are moving and your upper body is mostly stationary.

The Winner Is…
The elliptical! The treadmill allows you the most movement and also burns the most amount of calories compared to the other two but the joint pain is a con that is hard to ignore and is actually quite a big disadvantage. The exercise bike also has fewer cons but the advantages are also few. The elliptical is the winner because it has cons that can be ignored and has pros that are actually quite good for the body!

So if you ever get into this debate with anybody over which machine is the best, you now have sound knowledge to give points on the debate and you also know what machine is the clear winner!

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