Introduction And Background

Dieting has always been something that comes from eating less and exercising but nowadays, there are just too many rules to it. You see them in magazines and on advertisements and of course it is all over the internet. Let’s face it, the world is on a speedway train towards obesity and things are getting a little out of hand now as the ratio of people’s average waist size is persistently increasing. However, even though there are more than a thousand diets to choose from and you can always stick to those that suit you better and are more to your liking, there are some statistics that you cannot ignore. For instance, whether an all protein diet is good for your skin or whether or not a vegetable diet is suited to your needs if you don’t like vegetable or which is the best time to exercise. All have to be taken into account. Then…which is the best season for dieting?

The answer to your question has been written down in bold letters. Summer time is the best season for dieting! One might have thought that it might be winter time but there are just so many reasons to favor summer that it has turned out to be the best season for dieting. There are no in between times to it either. Some might think that mild seasons such as spring and autumn might prove to be useful but just go with it, summer is the perfect time to lose weight. See here why.

Why Is Summer The Best Season For Dieting?
You can diet whenever you want to and if you are focused enough then you will be able to lose weight. But why not go with the statistics and make life a little easier for yourself? Summer is considered to be the best season for dieting. Why? Read on below:

  • All the doctors say so. In fact, there has been a lot of discussion on the matter and it was even televised. There a lot of people who make their New Year’s resolution to be one of dieting and losing weight. And they are doing it around the middle of winter which can lead to a hard time for losing weight and then it all just falls right down to the ground where they are back at the same place; obese and feeling dejected. Doctors claim that in summertime, the sunlight increases serotonin levels in the body which enhances appetite suppression and can easily overcome the people’s need to eat all the time.
  • You burn more energy in the summer and it is fairly easy to exercise as well. Imagine yourself trying to exercise in the winter where everything is just lazy and gloomy and cold and it is even hard for you to get out of bed. On the other hand, imagine swimming pools and gyms and trying to sweat it out in the heat of things where the air conditioner can help from time to time. Then decide for yourself which is a better image in mind!
  • Summer is an easier time to control your cravings. If you have noticed, your body generally craves more food in colder times to maintain normal body temperature and thermal regulation. It is fairly easy to control those cravings during the summer with other activities or by having something liquid and with low calories. That is hard to do in winters since you want something solid and something that would also appease your vast appetite.
  • Summertime brings you food that helps to maintain your hydrated levels and do not give you many calories even. In fact, they are known as perfect appetite suppressants! There are fruits that help immensely to reduce that appetite and also keeps you satiated, something that is not possible during all the other seasons. Watermelons are considered to be sweet and watery and they might not be very low on the calorie counter but a cousin used to eat watermelons and grapefruit and she lost ten kilograms during the summer because after eating these fruits, she felt her appetite lessen considerably and since she was an active swimmer anyway, it helped to further the job.
  • You sweat more during the summer which also adds to the weight loss mission. It is almost impossible for one to sweat during the winters or during the other seasons and that can easily lead to a harder mission for weight loss.

You can see this for yourself. Stick to summertime when it comes to dieting. It is the best season for it. Of course, you can lose weight anytime around the year if you work hard at it and really want to do it but then again, why make life difficult for yourself when you can make it easier?

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