Benefits of using HCG drops

Introduction and background

With the advent of HCG diet protocol endorsed by doctors and dieticians worldwide,  HCG drops have taken the weight loss and fat blasting industry by storm.  Contrary to the popular belief,  weight loss is just one major benefit of homoeopathic HCG drops. there are, several other, benefits as well that have been identified by physicians and fitness experts. The following article is intended to highlight some of those major benefits. Read on to discover below:


What are HCG drops?

First of all, let;s understand what HCG drops really are. By definition, HCG drops are the homoeopathic HCG drops that are used in conjunction with the recommended HCG diet to accelerate and maintain optimal weight loss and fat burning effect of the weight loss seeker.


What are the benefits of HCG drops?

HCG drops have numerous benefits. Their advantages and benefits can be further subdvided into the following categories:


1) Weight loss benefits

The major benefit of HCG drops is of course is the fact that they cause significant weight loss. They do so primarily because of their unique fat burning effect. This effects works synergistically with the HCG diet that the user has to taken on regular basis.

In addition, there have been some reports that highlight the fact that HCG drops can also act as strong appetite suppressants. Accordingly their weight loss action is moderated via two different mechanisms:

i) As a fat blaster: This is the key effects with with HCG drops cause weight loss. This effects is achieved due to higher rate of body metabolism caused due to intake of HCG drops and it eventually leads to faster and greater calorie burning (increased calorie expenditure).

ii) As an appetite suppressant: As an appetite suppressant, HCG drops create a feeling of satiation or fullness inside the stomach. As a result, the dieter is inclined to eat less than what he or she normally eats. Also, this helps him or her cop well with the existing HCG diet regimens. This less eating means fewer calorie consumption and, hence, lesser calorie input.


2) General health benefits

In addition the their prime fat blasting effect, HCG diet drops are know to cause the following health benefits as well:

i) They enhance body’s defence against foreign invaders i.e. viruses, fungi and bacteria

ii) They improve the overall sense of well being

iii) They potentiate the body’s natural immunity. As a result, a person is less prone to diseases and disorders.

iv) They improve sexual issues particularly those found in men i.e. premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and others.

v) They have been found to be specifically helpful in post-menopausal women i.e. women who have passed the age of menopause.  In such women, they help control and manage mood changes and hot flushes.

VI) They improve one’s psychological and mental well being.


Individual benefits of HCG drops

Finally, if chosen wisely, carefully and great deal of research, HCG drops may come with numerous benefits of their own such as:

Safety: They are harmless homoeopathic drops. Unlike HCG injections, they do not have side effects or health risks associated with them.  Also, they are virtually painless and are not associated with injections side effects such as pain and bleeding at the site.

Affordability: They are much more affordable than other weight loss / diet pills and HCG injections and, thus, can be perfectly used regularly or for long term.

Effectiveness: If used along with the recommended HCG diet, HCG diet drops can help you significant body weight, in fact, as much as 3 to 4 pounds a week. Therefore, more and more dieticians and weight loss experts are recommending their use for fat blasting purposes.

Availability: Finally, quality HCG drops are now just a click away.  There are some top, recommended sites that feature the reviews and comparisons of the most effective  HCG diet drops.  You should choose drops that are not only safe and effective but also not  a burden for your pocket.



All in all, if chosen wisely and used properly, HCG drops will help you achieve your weight loss goal within a minim time frame as compared to other typical weight loss pills or supplements.  Click here to see some of the highly recommended and frequently used successful brand of HCG weight loss drops available in the market.

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