Role Of Turnip In Weight Loss

Introduction And Background It might not be that famous in Asia or maybe even the American continents but in European countries, Turnip has been considered to be a pretty common staple food for many centuries now. Now that was a very smart move on the part of Europeans because turnips although not as famous as its other counterparts such as broccoli and Brussel sprouts, it is one of the healthiest foods there is. Even the leaves of the turnip are considered to be a very healthy edible item and are often used in many cooking dishes. This white and purplish vegetable might take a steady role in your kitchens after you finish the article.

Why Does Turnip Make A Good Weight Loss Food? Saying that turnip is a vegetable is not a good enough reason to make it a weight loss food now, is it? Potatoes are also a vegetable but people need to stay away from them if they want to lose weight! Hence, the reasoning behind everything is important because it convinces you further to accept and follow rather than just discard some instruction. Turnips are good for weight loss because they provide what every dieter wants – it keeps you full and gives you numerous nutrition with a very low calorie consumption! Hence, these kind of foods makes for the best weight loss foods.

It Is High In Fiber Fiber is the one of the top nutrient for dieters, right next to proteins. The human body does not consume or absorb fiber and egests it from the body. Fiber makes the bulk of the stool that you pass and this is the reason why low fiber diets often lead to constipation and other bowel problems. As it is high in fiber, it makes for a great appetite suppressant because just a little of it can make you feel full and also does not give you any significant calories either. The combination is just too perfect to throw away!

The Body Weight Control And The Bowel Movements You can tell from above that it has fiber so is good for relieving constipation and that it is low in calories so it is good for weight loss. However, it is a great body weight controller as well. Not only does it help in the regulation of the metabolic rate but it also keeps your body systems running up and healthy which proves for a more efficient system which leads to better and quicker weight loss. The bowel movements are also essential here because turnips are known to actually give a healthier and active environment to the colon, improving its health and structure too. Turnips also have many antioxidants which saves the body from any toxicities that could develop and that also leads to a better weight loss regime.

Other Benefits Of Turnips Now that you are well aware of the role turnips play in the weight loss process, it is time to see some of the other benefits as well and how weight loss is not the only thing turnips are good at!

  • It can actually help in preventing cancer. Turnips, as said above, has many antioxidants and contains plants chemicals which can prevent any mutations from occurring in the body through reactions and thus can stop a cancer or tumor development in the body. There are researches being done where turnips are actually a great preventive measure for colonic cancer or other types of cancer that have to do with the large intestine.
  • The heart health also improves significantly with turnips because they also contain anti-inflammatory substances and since folate is naturally present in an abundant amount in turnips, they also boost the overall cardiovascular system and also reduce cholesterol levels in the body. If you’re having cholesterol problems, make sure turnips are also a part of your healthy diet.
  • Calcium and potassium come in large amounts in turnip and we all know how essential these two minerals are for proper development and growth, especially bone growth. Make sure your children are having turnips; do not just turn to broccoli even though that too is a terrific vegetable.
  • Turnips also have the nutrients to fight off carcinogens which mean that any type of cancer development from carcinogens, especially lung cancer due to smoking, also has a reduced risk rate if one turns to turnips. They help in regulating and to maintain lung health.

Conclusion You can clearly see the role of turnips in weight loss and you can see other benefits as well. It is time to go grocery shopping and to ensure that turnips are definitely on the list. There are many recipes as to how to prepare them and what you could do to make them more tasty but make sure they are all in the low fat category!


Oatmeal: A Wonderful Appetite Suppressant

Introduction And Background If you ever look closely at the diet of your parents and grandparents or even those who are into healthy eating, you’ll notice perhaps that they are really into oatmeal. Some might be having an oatmeal breakfast with milk while others might be having it as a snack at lunch. At times even their bread is made from oatmeal. Well, there are no surprises there that oatmeal is a pretty healthy food and has numerous benefits, some of which you’ll read in the article. But were you aware of the fact that oatmeal is also a terrific appetite suppressant? Yes it is! For those of you who are trying to diet and want to suppress their appetite, do consider oatmeal and by the end of the article you might just become a fan of it completely!

How Oatmeal Makes A Wonderful Appetite Suppressant? Well, first things first. Let’ understand why firstly oatmeal makes a really good appetite suppressant. Well, there are a few reasons as to why that is.

  • There are many refined carbs and the problem with most of them is that they digest very quickly in the stomach. Oatmeal, on the other hand, digests slowly. Do you know why that is a good thing? If food is taking time to digest in the stomach that means you will feel full for a longer period of time rather than feeling hungry again quickly because all the food has gone from the stomach. Hence, this is one of the reasons how oatmeal can act as a wonderful appetite suppressant.
  • Oatmeal is full of fiber. Those of you who are well oriented in the dieting world would know how essential fiber is to a dieter and how it can really help in the weight loss process. Fiber does not have that many calories and also helps dieters overcome their constipation problems which they eventually face as they are eating less than they used to. It forms the bulk of the stool and is not digested or absorbed by the body. It also keeps you feeling full even with a small serving which of course leads to appetite suppression. Thus, it is an excellent thing that oatmeal is full of fiber, that is what makes it so appealing as an appetite suppressant.
  • Blood sugar levels are something to be aware of because they have a direct impact on your hunger levels and how much you feel like eating. If you eat foods that generally give you blood sugar level spikes, your appetite will be a mess as well because you’ll feel hungry at the oddest of times. However, oatmeal regulates blood sugar level and is a pretty great helper in the matter. Many who suffer from diabetes turn to oatmeal to regulate their system because it is healthy. Imagine, getting an appetite suppressant and a health food all in the same basket!
  • Oatmeal does not contain any saturated fat. This means that they are filled with the good type of fat which is really nice for the heart and overall body system as well. A lot of men and women do not pay attention to this factor when in fact they should because suppressing the appetite consists of the entire body working together. You cannot try to suppress the appetite and have an unhealthy heart and blood vessels to worry about now, can you? Hence, oatmeal is what they call killing two birds with one stone – meaning it has more than just one advantage to it.

However… If you want to eat oatmeal, eat the natural form of it. Having the instant oatmeal items and the cereals that are made from oatmeal do not contain just oatmeal, they have other carbohydrates as well. Carbohydrates are not recommended in large amounts in any diet because their reduction is what helps to lose weight. There are many companies which give oatmeal in its natural form and then people eat it in the form that they really like, with milk or perhaps some other low fat gravy. Try to search for those companies rather than take the easy way out because the processed oatmeal also has some sugar in it and other additives that might not give you the complete benefits that you should get.

Conclusion Oatmeal definitely is a healthy food and the parents and grandparents who eat it and have made it a part of their lifestyle did a very smart thing by their health. It is time that you do the same because not only will oatmeal help to shape your body and overall give you a healthier system, it acts as a terrific appetite suppressant and can really help you in the weight loss process – a process in which you need all the help you can get.

How To Remain Fit In Pregnancy

Introduction And Background When a woman gets pregnant, her body undergoes a lot of changes. Her hormones are altered, there is a new body growing inside of her uterus and she is moody and in constant discomfort as well. On top of that, she also gains weight which is not something that any woman wants for herself. Other than the pregnancy weight, there is no reason one should put on a lot of weight. There are ways in which women can remain fit during a healthy pregnancy and other than the baby fat with no extra excessive weight. Read on further and you’ll find out how.

Enjoy The Water There is a lot of pain in the joints and muscles for some women as their body is slowly getting enlarged from a certain area to accommodate space for the fetus. It is best to join a calm and serene activity such as swimming which will not only provide comfort for the joints but will also calm down the nerves as water can have a very peaceful effect. You can swim about for a bit, no need to do strenuous laps that can get you even more exhausted and irritable.

Do Yoga Many pregnant women join yoga together to do some peaceful body stretches. It also helps to maintain your weight and again, like swimming, keeps you calm and serene. Yoga also removes the constraints on your joints and improves the flexibility of the body, something greatly needed in pregnancy.

Do An Exercise That Makes You Feel Comfortable One cannot really choose a single exercise and tell a pregnant woman to abide by it. Some might prefer a light jog early in the morning while some might want to take a slow walk at night. There are also many who would join classes such as maybe dance class or aerobics class, whatever they find comfortable and suitable. All of these exercises are good for the body and the heart health which will be good for the baby as well.

The Quality, Not The Quantity Another thing that pregnant women need to understand is that the quality of the food they are eating matter more than the quantity. Sometimes a woman thinks that she needs to really eat a huge amount of stuff in order to provide nutrition for the baby. That is not the ideology that should exist. Eat a healthy amount of everything but don’t overdo it. And make sure that you are taking your supplements as advised by the doctor; they are of the utmost importance. A pregnant woman should never diet to stay fit in pregnancy because that might affect the development of the fetus but she shouldnt overeat either.

Take Time Off From Housework There is also another reason why pregnant women gain weight in pregnancy; they stop doing any kind of work. Resume the normal routine that you have and it will also burn calories as well as keep you fit. Working is not going to harm the pregnancy in any manner, as long as you’re not lifting anything heavy or something like that. Enjoy gardening or cooking or even cleaning around the house. Physical activity is only going to do you good, not bad.

However… Pregnant women also need to be careful during their pregnancy as to not put themselves in harm’s way. For instance, if a woman really loves to ride a bike and becomes pregnant, it would be advised not to go around on a bike due to balancing problems or maybe risk of accident. Get an exercise bike and utilize that. It is much safer and you can exercise the way you love. It is also best to avoid strenuous exercises that can tire you out and safer to join something slow and pleasant which can help burn calories and keep you fit but not cause any damage. The body is changing and one needs to accept that so you can’t exactly keep doing everything the same way you could before.

Conclusion Remaining fit in pregnancy is not that difficult if one knows what to do and how to do it. There are so many classes for pregnant women in which they learn how to stay in shape during their pregnancy and to cope with the last few weeks in which there is grave discomfort. A pregnant woman can easily swim, bike on an exercise bike or do aerobics if she wants to. Of course, she should not go weight lifting or try to do any workouts that are really tiring and straining. Other than that, she can eat the normal healthy food that is cooked at home and then stick to her daily routine. A lot of pregnant women  even leave their jobs till the last month.





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