HCG Diet protocol is an effective weight loss program introduced by Dr. Simeons. HCG weight loss program comprises of two simultaneous steps i.e. following very low calories diet along with taking HCG injections every day. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone which is produced within the body of a pregnant woman and is present in urine. Since, it is produced in the body of pregnant woman therefore, over-the-counter pregnancy tests test for the presence of this hormone to determine if woman is pregnant or not.
If you are on HCG diet protocol, you are certainly going to have concerns about HCG side effects. HCG is also used to aid diet and this is the main reason that has brought about increasing concerns over possible side effects of HCG injections.

Uses of HCG

Nowadays, HCG is being used as a medication for fertility. Likewise, it is being relied upon as a medication to promote production of testosterone in males without causing them any harm. Furthermore, this hormone is known and being widely used for accomplishing weight loss and considerable success has been reported by the experts in this regard. As a matter of fact, discovery of HCG dates back to the early 1950’s when Dr. Simeons actually revealed that HCG hormone is effective in assisting dieters in managing a very-low-calories diet. He had also revealed that HCG injections’ effectiveness was tremendously great in suppressing the appetite. This finding is even supported by the modern day experts who assert that a person can strictly adhere to very low calories i.e. 500 calories diet without craving for food or experiencing hunger.

Side effects and drawbacks of HCG injections

Although HCG injections are effective but they are disadvantageous as well in addition to having side effects and this is the reason why HCG injections are being replaced by HCG drops.
Headache: Even though there are lesser side effects of HCG injections with their use for weight loss endeavors but larger amount of HCG injections is known to cause occasional headaches when used for fertility. The main reason for this lies in the different amount of HCG used for both the purposes. Around 125 IU to 200 IU of HCG is used for weight loss while this amount increases to 10,000 IU for fertility.

Irritability: Irritability along with discomfort is another major problem associated with the use of HCG injections.
Bleeding or swelling at injection site: Injections often result in bleeding or at least swelling at the injection site.

Pain: You might have seen many people who are so afraid of taking injections and this is only because of the pain they are supposed to endure from injection.
Blood clotting: HCG injections can cause blood clotting.
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: It has been seen that HCG injections can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in women. It is a life-threatening disorder and it is more likely to occur right after the first treatment cycle. Symptoms of this disorder are even worse and include pelvic pain, abdominal pain, swelling, shortness of breath and gastrointestinal problems.
Depression: Individuals on HCG diet often report problem of depression.
High cost: One of the prime disadvantages of HCG injections is their high cost as compared to HCG drops.


Out and out, HCG diet program is effective in accomplishing weight loss task. However, if you notice considerable side effects while using HCG injections you should discontinue using them and consult your physician. Alternatively, HCG drops outweigh HCG injections in terms of safety, low cost and ease of use. In short, you may rely on HCG drops since the real purpose of HCG diet program is to take HCG which can be accomplished by either way.

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