Introduction And Background

The word fat drives us crazy, drives us mad. It makes us want to literally take a huge chunk of our body, the fat obviously, and throw it away. And for those who can afford to have such expensive surgeries, most of the people actually do it through the process of liposuction. The word fats is often associated with the word fat and that makes us think that all sorts of fats are bad. We do not stop to think even for a second that fats are actually a pretty important component of the food pyramid. We do not think what will happen if we stop having fats in the first place. Well…not all fats are bad!

Are All Fats Bad?
Just to get the point across to you, not all fats are bad. Some fats are obviously bad as they are not that essential to your diet and they also make you gain weight but some of them are important in your diet. They are needed for the body to function properly as without it a lot of messes could occur.

The Role Of Fat
Fat is not only for storage. In fact, it plays a huge role in maintaining the skin of the person and also providing energy for the person. It is also somewhat responsible for keeping a person warm in areas which are extremely cold as you might have noticed that those people who are obese generally feel less cold than the others. Fatty acid chains are also important in forming alcohols from esters and they are also important in forming micelles, a biological substance that is vital to fat digestion-absorption. They are also needed in the formation of some hormones, especially cholesterol. You do not need to get into so many scientific words but the main point to concentrate on here is that without fat, there will be problems for you.

Which Fats Are The Good Fats?
Good fats is the term given to the unsaturated fatty acids. They are much better for your heart and your overall body health as well. Unsaturated fatty acids are the ones that contain a double bond. Essential fatty acids come into this category as well. They are the fatty acids that are not formed in the human body and their presence is required. Hence, they are taken in the diet. The three most famous ones are Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid and Arachidonic acid. Having unsaturated fats also increases the level of HDL in our body, which is again beneficial to the health. The essential fatty acids mentioned might confuse you because you see their names not as this but as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Yes, now you might recognize their names on the cover print of all the supplements your parents or grandparents might be having over the years or you yourself. These fatty acids are immensely good for the heart. They also play a part in reducing the inflammation of the body and cause blood vessels to dilate somewhat, also ensuring a lesser risk of coronary heart disease. Blood clotting has also been known to be reduced if one takes these fatty acids.

What Food Can The Good Fats Be Found In?
The good fats can be found in different kind of foods such as cod, liver oil, fish oil and other such items. A bit of these is also present in the egg yolk and in other dairy products as such. Crabs, shrimps and oysters also have these fatty acids. These foods might not come on our table as often as necessary thus people take a lot of supplements, termed as fish oil. There is one sitting on the counter of my kitchen right now. My dad is a heart patient, he takes the supplements daily.

Obesity A Disease
Obesity is a disease and should be made to consider a disease as well. Half the world is going crazy over trying to be thin but they are doing it for social reasons. No one really cares what happens to their health. Fats are not bad and completely cutting them out of your diet would be the wrong thing to do. They are essential for a lot of important functions, as you’ve read above. The best thing to do is to limit the intake and ensure you are eating the good fats, not the bad ones.

The word fats strike a fear in the heart strings of a person who is on a diet but even he should be aware of the good fats and the bad fats so he can diet smartly after it. Hopefully, this article cleared most of the queries you had about the subject. Just remember, essential fatty acids are not to be skipped out on. They are quite important.



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