Apple Versus Pear Shaped Bodies

Introduction And Background Since every human being is different and they see things from a different perspective, it comes as no surprise that some people want somethings while others would want another thing for themselves. The line ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ is so true. Some girl or boy your friend might find good-looking but might not seem as appealing to you as to them. However, sometimes you really do not have a say in how your body is being developed and you have to just accept what it is becoming. Just like our vision and perception, the inner system of the human body is different as well. Some people are likely to store fat around their upper body while some people store fat around the lower part of their body. This article will tell you about the two and compare them.

Apple Shaped Bodies Apple shaped bodies are more common in men because men are more likely to store fat around their abdominal area than in the lower part of their bodies. The fat stays above the waist, in other words. Apple shaped bodies generally have visceral fat which is not really a good thing for their bodies.

Pear Shaped Bodies Pear shaped bodies, on the other hand, are bodies which store fat below the waist area, mainly the hips and the thighs. This type of fat storage is mostly common in women as you’ll observe as well that most women are concerned about reducing fat from their hips and thighs while most men will be seen with protruding stomachs.

How To Determine Whether You Are An Apple Shaped Person? Well, it really is not that hard. Firstly, you can tell easily if your fat is around the abdominal area but there is another way in which you can for sure determine that you are an apple shaped person. Stand in front of the mirror with your legs together but keep a little distance between your body and your arms on the side. Examine each and every area from the torso to the lower areas to see where the protrusion or fat lies mostly. Another important thing during this entire exercise is to wear underwear so that you can clearly see your body without any hindrance of clothing in between.

How To Determine Whether You Are A Pear Shaped Person? As with the case of apple shaped, same is the case with pear shaped bodies. Stand in front of the mirror wearing nothing but your underwear and gradually assess your body, taking your time to examine and see where the fat lies. If the upper part of the body seems normal and the lower part, meaning the hips and thighs, seem out of proportion with the rest of the body and seem fatty to you, you’re s pear shaped person.

Which Is Better? While one cannot really assess which one is better, it is a well-known fact that those who have apple shaped bodies is more prone to having metabolic syndrome than those which pear shaped bodies. It is because of the storage of fat in the abdominal area and visceral fat is generally a symptom of metabolic syndrome. Another thing to consider here is that apple shaped bodies is not very pleasing to the eye. No one likes a protruding stomach while the rest of the body seems normally proportionate. Thus, in this case even pear shaped bodies are more pleasing to the eye and hence this is why most women actually want pear shaped bodies, they are also considered to be a sign of beautification in some countries where not having a pear shaped body is actually a disappointment for most women.

Important Thing However… Nonetheless, the important thing in this entire scenario is to stay fit and thin and not develop any kind of bodies if one can help it! Apple shaped bodies and pear shaped bodies both mean that a person has stored fat around their bodies and this could increase if one is not careful enough and could easily cross the line of obesity. Pear shaped bodies are still acceptable but one should not go overboard with that type of shape either!

Conclusion After this article, there should be no confusion in your head as to which body shape has it better in store for you. Pear shaped bodies do not have a tendency to develop metabolic syndrome which makes it safer and as said above, it is more pleasing to the general public as well and in most countries is actually preferred! Hence, if you see yourself developing an apple shaped body, try not to. And if you see yourself developing a pear shaped body, don’t get too fat in those areas otherwise it might prove harmful rather than good.

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