Antioxidants For Fitness

Introduction And Background
Health and fitness is fast becoming a pretty popular subject if it isn’t already, in many countries of the world. In fact, governments are actually setting up funds and programs to improve the health and living lifestyle of people not just be educating them about diseases and hygiene but also about giving them a chance to achieve fitness. There is a lot of investment in gyms and exercise machines and the business is increasing behind it, which is a good thing because it means that people are turning towards it and giving it importance rather than setting it up for failure. However, with the number of obese people on the planet now, educating about fitness has become a necessity more than anything. In this article, you will learn about antioxidants, what they are and what exactly their role in fitness is.

What Are Antioxidants?
To understand antioxidants, you must first understand the concept of free radicals. When a chemical reaction occurs in the body, sometimes a particle escapes which does not combine with another particle and has the capacity to fix in elsewhere in the body and can cause a lot of damage. They can cause damage at a cellular level which means that your immunity can be compromised as well and you can easily catch an infection too. In fact, free radicals can even cause mutations and the development of cancer in the body. Now, in order to protect our body from these free radicals that can occur anytime, there are antioxidants in the body which help fight them off and get rid of them. Antioxidants either instigate enzymes and other nutrients or inhibit them, all in favor of battling off free radicals and the damage it has caused in the body till then, if any.

Where Are They Found?
Antioxidants are actually found in the food that you eat. For example, carotene is an antioxidant and you can find it many vegetables and fruits. Selenium is another antioxidant, a dietary chemical which is again available in many food items, especially in eggs as they are rich in this antioxidant. One of the most powerful of antioxidants is the vitamin C. It is naturally found in many fruits, especially the citrus fruits and it boosts immunity as well. Not only that, were you aware that vitamin C also plays a huge role in protecting the brain and the spinal cord from the free radicals and even plays protector of the blood vessels to boot. Time to power up on the vitamin C! There are many people who do not just get vitamin C from the diet but in fact they take vitamin C supplements because it is really healthy to do so. Vitamin E is also another powerful antioxidant which helps in inhibiting fat oxidation.

The Road To Fitness
While antioxidants might be very small nutrients to actually be foods that give you less calories or be fiber type foods that act as appetite suppressants but in fact, antioxidants play a bigger role than all of that. They keep every part of your body fit. Imagine if there were no antioxidants in the body, the many free radicals that are out to cause damage will actually cause that damage and sooner than later everybody will be in the hospital due to some disease or any other condition. Being fit does not only mean that you have muscles or at are at the perfect weight, it also means that you need to be healthy as well and to be mentally sound with everything inside the body working fine as well. What’s the point of having abs if your blood vessels are clotting inside due to lack of antioxidants? Hence, it is very important to take care of health and be fit from the inside as well and antioxidants are just the way to do that. Give importance to them as well. They can easily be found in many foods so you don’t even have to make much of an effort to actually get them like you do with the macronutrients like protein and carbohydrates and fats. All you have to do is realize their importance and to maybe get a few vitamins for yourself, just in case!

This will really help as you get older and will keep you fit. Imagine having minimum or next to none heart problems just because you were specific on your antioxidants and kept a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. This is also one of the main reasons why doctors keep informing to have a proper diet filled with them. They contain antioxidants that can actually keep you healthy and even improve intestinal health. Colonic cancer can be avoided if one eats the right kind of things at the right time!

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