Introduction And Background
This thing might not be new to you and you must have heard it a countless number of times that to stay healthy you must have vitamin rich foods as well as minerals. For that, a lot of parents try to get their children as well as themselves into the habit of eating fruits and such foods which have a lot of vitamins. Have you ever wondered why that is so? What is so special about vitamins? Other than that, we have all heard the term antioxidants a number of times and how antioxidants are perfect for diet as well as health. What are they and what makes them ideal for you to have for health? Read on further to find out more about it.

Why Does Our Body Need Antioxidants?
The thing is, sometimes when we eat food or ingest something into our body, several reactions take place. It could be our immunity acting or it could simply be the breakdown of food particles. During these reactions, free radicals are released into our system which can be pretty harmful for the body if not dealt with quickly. This is where antioxidants come in. They react with the free radicals themselves to make them harmless for us. This is why having antioxidants are necessary in our diet. They can help us against free radicals caused by the simples of things, such as ultraviolet radiations from sunlight to name one thing. A lot of cancer types are caused due to free radicals.

Where Can We Find Antioxidants?
Firstly, you need to be clear about what antioxidants actually are. They are not elements or anything substantially or tangibly present in food items as such. Any food can behave as an antioxidant. The main thing is to ensure the free radicals are not free anymore to cause any damage. It can be any compound which behaves in that manner. There are various foods which act as antioxidants and having them in your diet will prove to be very beneficial. Here are some of them. You might already be having a few and if you are not, time to consider stocking up the kitchen with these items. They are also amazing for your skin, if you need more motivation!

  • Fruits are definitely on the list, as you may well have known already. Berries and grapes especially are on top of the list. Pomegranates also have antioxidant properties. Other fruits have them too but these three should be on the top of your list. The next time you think of having a sweet thing, forget about ice-cream or any other dessert which will probably give you calories if anything at all. Try to eat berries and grapes as they are refreshing, healthy, and delicious and will also protect you again diseases such as cancer and ulcers as well.
  • Nuts are present in almost every kitchen as a snack but even then in most houses it is a pretty underrated snack. Nuts contain healthy carbs and fats and proteins and not only that, it has phytochemicals which fight off free radicals. That is all you need to know about nuts while having them. Oh and another thing that might be beneficial to you, nuts are high fiber which means it’s going to be good for your bowel system as well.
  • Why do people say you should go green? Why do they say that green juices serve to be terrific antioxidant drinks if one is looking to reduce toxicity in the body? It is all because of one thing; green, leafy vegetables are terrific antioxidants. You won’t know it yet but try and make a juice out of broccoli and spinach and other leafy veggies and then see how you feel after drinking. You are not only refreshed, your body feels healthy as well. And since these vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and important minerals, you’re set in that department as well.
  • Potatoes are often not thought of as healthy because potatoes are generally considered to be a weight-gaining food. It is true, potatoes, especially in the fried form, can make you gain weight but if you have it moderately in a manner other than fried, they can prove to be beneficial to you. Potatoes are actually pretty good antioxidants. They’re not considered nutritious which is strange because they have pretty important nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium to name a few. Don’t be afraid of having potatoes, especially if you do not have weight problems.
  • Tomatoes, watermelons, fish, tea and whole grains also are good antioxidants. These are just a few assorted food items of a different type which you should know about!

Having antioxidants in your diet, as you can clearly see, is quite necessary. Try and eat such foods and keep your body away from disease or any adverse reactions!

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