Introduction And Background
With so many foods on the planet, how can you stick to only one type of food? And there is no simple way of eating now, is there? There are numerous people on the planet who follow a vegetarian lifestyle because of many different reasons. Some feel that it is wrong to kill and eat meat, whether it is the smallest of animals even. Some cannot stand the idea of eating something that was once alive and walking around and turn to a vegetarian lifestyle. Some turn to it because they think it is immensely healthy and that it will be very beneficial for their health and soul. While a vegetarian lifestyle may seem healthy, is it really worth it? Not necessarily. A vegetarian lifestyle is not all that good for you and it also has its disadvantages. Hence, you might want to think twice before setting on such a lifestyle which might create health problems for you later on. In this article, you will find out why a vegetarian lifestyle is not really worth it. Keep your eyes open and read the facts ahead!

Vegans Are Nutritionally Deficient
Whether they contradict it or not or might not want to admit it even, everyone knows that vegans cannot really fulfill their nutritional deficiency easily. Some might turn to vegetable based supplements or have something of that sort but even then, there is nothing like taking the natural nutrition from the diet. Humans eat both plants and animals and that is what makes a perfect diet. Only sticking to plans is bound to have its effects. Vitamin B12 is such an important vitamin that it is needed greatly by almost every cell present in the body. And did you know another thing? It is not found in any plants except some sort of rare algae that most people wouldn’t even think of having. Vegans are extremely deficit in this vitamin and should hope to have it in their supplements if they want to function normally. But then again, the supplement lifestyle isn’t really healthy either. Animal protein also contains all of the nine essential amino acids while the protein in plants is deficit in some. This can also affect the body’s development. Proteins are the essential building blocks of life and are probably the most important thing to have. Plant protein is not enough. Vegans also have low levels of creatinine.

There Is No Evidence To Support Vegetarian Lifestyle Is The Best
For the people who think that they are eating a controlled diet and are on the way to a healthier lifestyle, they are wrong. There are no studies by far which have proven that the vegetarian lifestyle is the way to go and since vegans are nutritionally deficit, there are serious health defects that vegetarians have to work extra hard to make sure that they do not happen. This can also cause problems. Thus, if one thinks that they are following a healthy lifestyle, they can think again!

No Harm In Eating Animals
Vegans are under the misconception that a lot of harm comes from eating animal meat or they are destroying their bodies somehow. What is worse is that those who believe this also convince others! There is no such evidence to support that animal meat can harm the body. In fact, animal meat has various nutrients that the body badly requires. And this is the way it has been happening since the beginning of the world. Vegans, by living a vegan lifestyle, do not add many years to their life or anything like that! Some people, when dieting and turning to vegetables only, will also include exercise in their lifestyle. They might even quit smoking! Other vegans might even convince them to get rid of processed foods or processed carbs and to eat healthy only. All of the things then add up to health benefits which probably have nothing to do leaving animal meat. And then people start thinking that it was because they left animal meat when in reality, they just adopted better habits.

Weaker Muscles?
Since protein deficiency is something people often see in vegan diets, people also sometimes complain of weakness or laziness. Is this because of weaker muscles? Studies have recently shown that vegans are often deemed to be weaker than those who do eat animal meat!

A vegetarian lifestyle, as you can clearly see, is not all that it seems to be. There are many disadvantages to following this lifestyle and although there might be benefits as well, the end games lies in the fact that you need to eat everything and have a proper balanced diet. There is no one way of eating and the concept behind it is not entirely true.



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