Introduction And Background
Appetite suppression is the one thing that most people yearn for because we all know that once you have suppressed that appetite of yours, it will be fairly easier to diet from there onwards. But having to suppress it is the hard part and most people give up before they can even think of achieving it. Well, controlling cravings leads to appetite suppression and one can do with all the tips and hints and help that one can get. However, there is another thing that most people feel while on a diet; they are devoid of energy. It is harder for them to move around; they feel tired and weak and wait only for mealtimes. Well, here are 7 tips that control your cravings and also boost your energy!

  1. Drink Water When Hungry
    When you feel hungry, you should have a glass of water to cool down your stomach and your thoughts as well and you know what? It actually helps! There have been many people who have said that merely having a glance of water before every meal not only reduced their appetite but also aided in better digestion. And we all know that water refreshes us and makes us more alert and gives us the boost that we need. Though water does not have calories, you have to admit that it does give a certain energy boost!
  2. Turn To Green Tea
    Green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks to have if you are dieting and even if you are not. Not only is it good for the skin and for health in general, but it boosts your metabolic rate, gives you a full boost of alertness and energy and also helps to control your cravings. People who have had green tea say that it was fairly easy to control their cravings and also get that boost you needed.
  3. Try Eating Berries!
    Berries are considered to be one of the best fruits possible, especially if you are intending to lose that weight. They are low in calories, are extremely appetizing so you feel full after having a few and they also give you energy.
  4. Have A High Protein Breakfast
    This rule is the best one you can follow your entire life. Protein is one food that takes the longest time to digest in the stomach. If you have a high protein meal for breakfast, not only will you be able to control your cravings throughout the day because the food will be present in your stomach for hours, you will also feel good about yourself. And with proteins, you feel healthy and energetic too. Have an egg for breakfast or even some kind of lean meat, although people are not usually fans of having something that heavy early in the morning. Nonetheless, it is something you should definitely consider.
  5. Be Careful With Your Snacks
    It is the time before or after mealtimes that you should be careful because this is the time where you actually crave a lot of things to eat and need to be in control of yourself. Often in the evening, one wants to have a biscuit or anything of that sort which will only give you more calories, nothing else. It might even increase your cravings. It is better to decide for a healthy snack, such as an apple. Apples not only have fiber in them but they refresh you and also don’t have that many calories. Have two apples if you please!
  6. Distract Yourself
    While this might control your cravings, you might be wondering how on Earth a distraction can give an energy boost. Well, ever heard of the term adrenaline rush? It all depends on what you distract yourself with. You might enjoy a sport here and then after which you would want to be hydrated but won’t feel that hungry if you have managed to suppress the appetite. You might read a book and not think about food. You might go watch a thrilling movie that will put you in an energetic mood!
  7. Say No To Cravings
    It is a tip that psychologists often give. If you are craving something, stare at it for about ten seconds while whispering no to yourself and shaking your head as well. After the ten seconds, you will have will power and would be able to walk away. It will also give a boost to your mind and although might not be a typical energy boost, it does give one to believe in yourself.

These 7 tips can be really helpful for you if you instill them in your life. Before you know it, you will have a suppressed appetite and will be well on your way to a thinner and beautiful you!

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