Introduction And Background
Have you ever noticed that you might not feel as thirsty in wintertime as you do in the summers but the thing is, you feel like eating all the time? It happens to many and they need to understand the mechanism behind it that although wintertime is the perfect time to work out since you need the heat, why on Earth does your appetite grow in wintertime? And what can you possibly do about it to fit into your sweaters or dresses or even the jeans you got for special occasions? Well, read on further to figure out.

Why Do You Feel Hungrier In Winters?
There are two reasons as to why one feels a little hungrier than usual during wintertime. The thing is, in such cold climates and temperatures; your body has to maintain its own temperature as well and to keep it stable in order to sustain a normal environment inside. This is also why we often shiver in the cold, to generate heat for the body. Thus, eating and the food inside the stomach and the entire breakdown process also generates heat and this leads to feeling the need to eat during wintertime. Another reason that sustains is that no one drinks a lot of water during winters because it is cold and although our skin is dry and dehydrated, we still do not feel the need to gulp down any water. This leads to an empty stomach usually which leads to greater hunger pangs because believe it or not, water is quite a terrific appetite suppressant. When you don’t get enough of it, it will lead you to eat more to fill that empty stomach.

30 Days To Melt The Winter Waistline
Whether or not 30 days seem very little to you or they seem a lot to you, you still have to do the 30 days! This plan is actually divided into 3 with the division of 10 days each for each segment. This regime was devised recently actually and it works pretty well too, as long as you stick to it. Pretty soon, you’ll be burning that fat off the abdomen in no time, especially the men because that is the area where they store the most fat.

  • Day 1 to Day 10
    There is limited exercise in this segment which might come as a disappointment to those who are up for a lot of workouts and strenuous exercises in order to get things going at full speed ahead but you need to hold those horses a bit! Daily, you are supposed to do a morning workout of about twenty to sixty minutes. You can exceed an hour if you want but it really is not necessary, as long as it is above twenty minutes, you should be good. And the best thing is that you can pick the exercise you want to do. You can go for a light jog or the treadmill or even choose the elliptical bike for your workout. It all depends on what suits you and your routine better. You should even jot down your average heart beats during each exercise that you plan on doing during the time. This is the time that you have to burn the fat, no matter what way you do it.
  • Day 11 to Day 20
    This is the time that you actually have to build the body. The exercises get tougher from here onward because not only are you doing the fat burning exercises, but you also have to include a second segment of exercises in your daily routine as well. You have to do push-ups and pull ups and squats and even lunges in different reps and repeat the cycle two times. This would take a maximum of half an hour added more to your daily routine of burning fat.
  • Day 21 to Day 30
    This is the toughest time duration of the entire month and you will really have to up your game here. To the previous exercises, you will have to add an intense cardio workout as well. This will be another twenty minutes or so but this is just for ten days, you can do it! The cardio workout is outlined for you, you have to search for it but it consists of leg lifts and woodchoppers and bicycling of course.

With this routine, your winter waistline will soon become history and you won’t have to worry about looking good in that dress or wearing a shirt that is too tight because your flat stomach won’t be giving you any second thoughts about the wardrobe anymore! While the third segment can be tough, don’t let it put you off because by the time you reach that day, you’ll be pumped up to do more!


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