Introduction And Background

Staying fit has become really important nowadays, in matters of health and also in matter of society. It is socially unacceptable to be extremely obese and half the world is dieting so that they can uphold the image of a true thin and beautiful person who is wanted and liked by everyone. And with that begins the cycle of dieting and exercise. Dieting is important for health purposes but then so is exercise. Exercise is the key to a healthy and hearty life. There are numerous benefits to it, some that you wouldn’t even have thought of. The only benefit we ever think about is weight loss. There is that too of course but there is so much more to exercise.

The Big Ten
Read these ten points and you’ll find yourself doing exercise on a daily basis!

  1. Exercising daily will ensure that you stay away from most diseases. Exercising helps you to avoid diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and sometimes it even helps to decrease your cholesterol level. The body needs a good workout. If you just sit around and do nothing or move a little in your daily routine, it will only make you lazy and agitated and might even make your brain slow. It’s true, active people are known to be more mentally active as well.
  2. If you exercise daily, it will become a part of your living lifestyle and chances are that those around might follow your example too. It could be your parents, a sibling or even your own child. If they see you follow a fixed pattern routine, chances are that they might accompany you in one of your jogs or walks one day. It will benefit everyone around you.
  3. Exercise is a healthy antidote for depression. Research has shown that those people who exercise more and are active in their life are at a less risk for depression than those who laze around. Exercise is also a remedy for depression as doctors often recommend their patients to take a stroll and to engage in stressful workouts as it would release hormones in their body that will make them feel better rather than sadder.
  4. Exercise helps tone the muscles of the body and it keeps them in shape too. Fat is not the only thing that is lagging in our body, sometimes it can be the muscles as well. Thus, exercise will help to keep the tonicity of the muscles intact.
  5. Exercise not only prevents disease but helps to keep a general status of the body at a healthier level. For example, if you exercise, chances are that your blood pressure levels and heart rate are more towards the norm than if you don’t exercise. People who eat a lot and then don’t exercise are known to have an increased heart rate which can prove to be fatal as one grows older into elderly life.
  6. Sleep patterns are something that are quite a concern for everyone, especially those who have crossed fifty. It becomes harder to sleep as you grow older. Exercising has proven to change that. A study has shown that about seventy five percent of the people claimed that they slept better if they had exercised sometime during that day. It keeps your stress levels in check too.
  7. Exercise helps to digest the food better in your body, not to forget the utilization of all the nutrients. Your digestion levels and bowel movement improves considerably if you exercise more, on a daily basis.
  8. Exercise also keeps you from having mood swings. It is the same as avoiding depression but at a particularly different direction. Exercise improves your mood and you feel healthier, fresher and smarter even if the workout had been tiring in the first place.
  9. Exercising also improves body parts such as eyesight, reflexes, brain synapses and other such stuff. Your reactions become faster and your muscles become more active too.
  10. And of course, exercise helps to remove the carbs and fat from your body. Almost everyone knows this example. Along with most diets, people are instructed to exercise daily and they are sometimes even given the names of specific exercises for specific body parts. Needless to say, this is the biggest benefit in the eyes of al.

Not one person in the world would deem exercise to be an unhealthy habit. It is the one thing that keeps everyone fit and healthy and should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. Even multinational corporations realize the importance of exercise which is why most of them have a gym in the building so that people can exercise and relieve a little of their work stress. Thus…do not miss out on this wonderful thing.

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