Why HCG diet is different from other diets

Introduction and background

The HCG diet revolves around the use of HCG hormones to burn excessive and unused fats in the body. The effectiveness of the diet depends upon ensuring that the patient does not re-gain the weight he had lost after completion of the program. The hormones enable the burning of only the excessive fats. The diet has proved to be meritorious for the patients who decided to opt for it. It boosts up metabolism. The lean figure is a desire of many and this wondrous diet greatly improves the physical appearance and enhances self confidence.

Basics of the HCG Diet Drops Program

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was the pioneer of the HCG protocol. The HCG diet has been around and effective since then. The HCG hormones are naturally produced in pregnant ladies for weight control. The diet makes use of the same hormone.
We all possess different types of bodies and each body has its own varying sets of demands. The feasibility and effectiveness of any diet thus depends on the person concerned and varies from person to person. The level of HCG drops required may also vary but in essence we need an appropriate level to suppress hunger and avoid temptation of indulging in eating. VLCD (very low calorie diets) require the calorie level to be maintained at 500 calories so HCG has to be consumed in sufficient concentration to stick to the protocol of VLCD.


How is HCG diet effective?

The HCG Diet is appreciated since it makes use of the excessive fats stored in the body to cope with the energy demands of our body. Unlike other diet programs the HCG diet protocol has the benefit of reduced cravings. The HCG diet does not make use of starvation instead the body gets the required energy in the form of glucose.

The HCG diet is more effective since it burns out fats from specific areas and doesn’t eat up the proteins present in our body. The proteins remain intact and are not consumed to release energy. The protocol enables the person to be more relaxed and the person does not suffer from ulcers or other functional abnormalities. The HCG Diet is also preferred because the drops are inexpensive and the dietary process is simple and convenient for many.
This diet is more efficient than other since it easily caters to obesity and the weight related problems. The HCG diet like many other diets is also not completely free from side effects but none of these is severe. You may face headache, sleeping disorders and on rare occasions withdrawal symptoms like nausea. However, the benefits of the HCG diet out do all the effects to the contrary. the HCG diet prevents the re gain of weight, reduces risks of heart attack, stabilizes blood pressure and other diseases resulting from obesity.


The HCG Diet versus Other Diets

• Jenny Craig involves a personalized meal, exercise plan and a weekly consultation session. The personalized meal caters to varying demands of the body keeping in view the individual requirements. Not every one will be able to afford such customization. HCG offers off the shelf solution without the hassle of going into details.
• Biggest Loser involves choosing either the 5-day or the 7-day plan. Then choosing the meals online or by phone. The T.V program proved an inspiration but it is always not easy to meet the target and may result in disappointment. Further this is more effective for short run. HCG protocol gives the long term solution.
• South Beach Diet focuses on good carbohydrates and good fats. In essence the bad carbohydrates have to be replaced with good carbohydrates and the bad fats have to be replaced with the good fats. The restrictions imposed however are very stringent and may not be adaptable for many. HCG protocol is more convenient and simple to follow.
Thus, HCG Diet is, in short, more efficient and effective than many other diets since it is easy to understand, easy to follow and prevents the weight re-gain. These guidelines may be helpful understanding why HCG diet is different and better than other diets.

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