What is Anorectic?

Introduction and Background

Having a good diet is very essential to keep the body healthy and well maintained and therefore it is critical that we keep a good eye out for the things that could potentially harm our bodies. While the list of those things can be very long, one of the most widespread ways of harming one’s body is falling into the wrong food habits. There have been a number of different problems that have been discovered in the human body that are caused directly by bad food habits and while the number of types that these problems come in are quite diverse and vast; there is one particular problem that has had the most negative impact. That problem is known as obesity and the amount of research that has been done to overcome this particular problem is simply endless. A lot of different treatment methods have been developed and the one that we will be discussing here is anorectics. This particular medicine is designed to hit the very desire to eat and thereby creating a gap that would lead to a loss in excess weight. Read on to find out more about it.


Another name for anorectic is “anorexic” and there is also a disease called anorexia where the patient loses their appetite to eat. A common name for anorectics is diet pills. Anorectic similarly is a drug which actually introduces that effect of depression in the appetite in order to help the person taking this drug control their food cravings. Their main effect is to create a condition in body like that of the presence of amphetamine, a chemical that causes the loss of appetite in the body. There are a number of different types that anorectics come in and they are discussed in the next section.


Anorectic drugs have been researched on quite extensively and a number of different methods of induction have been devised. There are three basic types of anorectic medicine and they include the following:

  • Appetite Suppressants: These medicines are basically used to make the body feel a lack of hunger even when there is actually need for food in the body. The result is that when the body doesn’t get the food it requires readily, it goes for the fat reserves and starts consuming them. As a result, the person taking these medicines starts losing weight. Examples include Adipex and Duromine.
  • Gastrointestinal lipase inhibitors: This is a much more advanced method of treating excessive weight and the main agent that is used in it is lipase. Created in the pancreas, lipase is what keeps the fat absorption in the body under a limit. What these inhibitors do is cause a production of lipase which results in the body losing its fat reserves slowly. Examples include Xenical and Alli.
  • Herbal diet pills: The most unconventional of the three, this type of medicine has recently gained a lot of public attention due to the fact that they claim treating the body using natural elements and no synthetically produced chemicals. Their function mostly includes fat burning and the suppression of appetite. The crowd that tends to use herbal pills is not only the obese people. In fact there are several other people too who may otherwise be called healthy but want to bring a better look to themselves without risking any problems or side effects. Examples of herbal pills include Slimquick and Phen375.


Taking any of the medicines mentioned above, while it is usually very safe and effective can also be harmful to you in some way. So it is always the best option to consult your physician before buying anything like that. You never know what may look like a safe and highly praised drug might have just one element that could cause you unnecessary problems.

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