Top 3 Nuts For Appetite Suppression

Introduction And Background
Dieting is not that easy. It might seem easy reading about it and it might be even easier watching others do it but you only realize the pain of dieting if you are doing it yourself. Imagine feeling really hungry and then watching your mother making your very favourite dish which is not at all good for your diet. Will you be able to control yourself, control the hunger pangs that are driving you insane? Probably not. This is the reason why most diets fail, people do not have a hold on their appetite and their large appetites get the best of them. This is why appetite suppression is the key to dieting. This is the reason why most people will ask you to achieve appetite suppression someway, somehow while dieting. This is what will make a person lose weight. And of course, there are foods that can help. Actually, nuts can help pretty well. Read on further to find out about the top 3 nuts that are being used for appetite suppression and are being used successfully!

Nut #1 – Pine Nuts
The first nut you need to be concerned about is the pine nut. If you haven’t heard about this nut before, you are going to regret it greatly after reading this. Pine nuts are actually amazing for weight loss. They are not only extremely nutritious but they actually have nutrients which can tell your brain to tell your body that you need to stop eating now because you are quite full! Imagine having a thing like that! They have this nutty flavor that is mild in nature and have certain fatty acids that are not only good for the diet but they are good for your health as well. These fatty acids are actually the instrumental role-playing nutrients that tell your body that you are full. Pine nuts are terrific appetite suppressants, as you can clearly see. Most dieters are certainly happy with this particular nut. They have a lot of vitamins as well such as vitamin E, D and most of the B vitamins. Minerals are also not lacking in pine nuts. Copper, zinc, iron and magnesium and even iodine are found to be present in pine nuts. You can have pine nuts just like that or you can even eat them in salads if you do not want to have them in the raw form.

Nut #2 – Almonds
Now this particular dry fruit is one that almost all would have heard of. Almonds are not uncommon and are generally found in every household. There is an old mother’s tale which says that if you eat almonds, your brain powers are increased. No idea if that is true or not but what is true is that almonds are pretty good appetite suppressants. They have similar properties to pine nuts, such as the ones where you eat just a few almonds and your body immediately feels like it has had something really delicious and there is really no need for any more. Almonds have essential vitamins and minerals but what sets them apart is the high fiber present in them. High fiber foods are always good to have in a diet because they do not make you fat and fiber forms the bulk present in your digested waste which makes it easier to pass stool and relieves constipation, a common problem in dieters who are not eating as much as they used to or what they used to. If you want an increased feeling of fullness while your appetite is raging, have a few almonds and you’ll be good for the next few hours!

Nut#3 – Cashew Nuts
Cashews are actually the most delicious out of all the nuts and people are actually very fond of them. They are a little high in calories but if you have them in controlled amounts, they will do only good for you and very little harm. Cashew nuts should be on your list because they too, like the other nuts, are high in fiber. They are good to taste as well and what’s more, they are appetizing. You can feel full just having four or five of cashew nuts actually! Try it out yourself and see!

A Caution…
While these nuts are terrific for appetite suppression, do not overdo on them. They are not exactly low in calories and nuts are salty which means water retention. Use them carefully and have a handful one or twice a week but do not get in the habit of eating jars just because you want to suppress the appetite!

Speaking of jars, you should keep jars of these nuts around so that you are able to eat them whenever you are feeling insanely hungry and you’ll see the difference!

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