Onion Rings Versus French Fries

Introduction And Background

The two names written above are two of the most loved things in the world of food. Onion rings are the appetizer choice of almost every other person and the universal love for French fries never dies, be it any season or any reason. However, even though these two things are much loved and wanted, they are not very healthy foods. In fact, it has become difficult to overcome the need to eat a bunch of fries or have a go at onion rings while on a diet and this is also one of the reasons why most diets fail. People cannot let go of having their favorite foods!

The Information On French Fries And Onion Rings – Help You Decide
Here is some information on French fries that you can compare later on to onion rings at your convenience, in this article. The comparison between the two is pretty obvious and you will have all the details you require to reach the conclusion! Read on further to enhance your knowledge!

The number of calories in onion rings are more than in French fries! This might come as a huge surprise to those of you who have always thought that French fries contain more energy. It might be true that generally the fries are considered to be the fattiest of meals and that a lot of oil is absorbed by them but then so are onion rings. In fact, onion rings have almost a hundred more calories than French fries! It is true that potatoes absorb a lot of oil but then onion rings also do and they are coated and battered with flour on top of it. Thus, remove the confusion from your mind now and remember that onion rings have more calories.

Protein Content
They are almost equal in protein content and their protein content is not a lot. Nonetheless, onion rings have a negligibly more amount of protein. However, this comparison is futile because they do not have a significant amount and it is the same in both the things.

Now here is where a main difference lies. Onion rings are high in saturated first, at least twenty percent more than French fries. We all know that saturated fats are not entirely good for the health and that they should be avoided if you have the option to. Hence, if you have the option between French fries and onion rings now, what would you go for? The choice must be becoming clearer to you now.

Carbohydrate Content
This is again a comparison like that of proteins. They are both high in carbohydrates and both of them have an equal amount. Thus, for carbohydrate content it doesn’t matter what you eat. Both of them have the same content so you can eat either if carbs are what you are interested in.

Fiber content
The higher the fiber content, the better it is! In this case, French fries takes the win. Though not by a very large margin but they do have more fiber than onion rings. It might help in digestion and peristalsis which makes life in the bathroom a lot easier!

Plain sugar is higher in onion rings than in French fries because most onion rings also have sugar coating while that is not exactly true for fries. We all know how high in calories sugar is!

Onion rings takes the medal in this case! Unbelievably higher than French fries, onion rings have a lot more calcium which is excellent for health. It is no alternative or substitute for milk but then again, who says no to extra calcium right? Iron is higher in French fries though so it might balance that out. These two things are proving to be incredibly nutritious all of a sudden, don’t you think?

Magnesium and Phosphorus
Another mineral, magnesium is also essential and essentially more in French fries. It is double the amount present in onion rings!

Ah, potassium. This is where French fries take the lead, boasting a good twenty six percent of potassium in them compared to a measly three percent in onion rings.

French fries have a higher quantity of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Some people even joke that the need for oranges has been overcome due to this! Vitamin E, however, is present in abundance in onion rings.

After reading this article, you might be confused as to which component is better because both of them seem to carry the best of something. If one thing is higher in French fries, another thing would be higher in onion rings. However, after careful measurement and calculations, French fries has been declared the winner. It is definitely better to have French fries than onion rings. If you want to convince yourself again, read the article and do the math yourself!



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