Is HCG Diet A Scam?

Introduction and background

One of the most popular diets of today, the so called HCG diet¬†has¬†attracted the attention of millions of dieters and weight loss enthusiasts and has taken the the weight loss industry by storm. ¬†However, while most people are in favour of this unique diet and are¬†continuously¬†benefiting¬†from its advantages,¬†there¬†are some¬†critics¬†who have even called it a “scam diet”. let’s¬†analyse¬†their allegations in the light of¬†scientific¬†evidence. Read¬†on to¬†discover¬†more:


What is “scam”?

Before¬†anything¬†else, let’s closely examine the¬†definition¬†of the famous word “scam”. ¬†By dictionary, the word scam refers to a “fake scheme or fraud”. ¬†With the advent of internet and information technology, online selling of scam supplements has become increased than ever. Now hundreds of thousands of people can be easily tricked into getting something that is not only ineffective but may also pose great threat and health risks to their health and vitality.


Is HCG diet Scam?

To confirm if any supplement is scam or fake, the following criteria has been established by experts and health care practitioners:

Check it credibility: The credibility of any supplement can be easily checked by seeing if it comes from a well-established platform i.e. its parent company, its name, and address and contact¬†information¬† It can also be checked by visiting its official website and checking the FAQs¬†section¬†of that particular product. As for the HCG drops,¬†there¬†are quite a few good websites that not only seem credible but have whole dedicated customer¬†support¬†and toll free contact phone numbers that¬†usually¬†respond to one’s queries promptly.

Check for authenticity: Speaking of the¬†authenticity¬†of health supplements, it refers to the experts’ recommendations, user reviews and testimonials (both textual and¬†video¬†/ interactive) that are widely and easily available on a¬†variety¬†of websites, both parent company’s sites and neutral / third party websites as well. When it comes to such reviews and¬†testimonials, certain¬†homoeopathic¬†HCG drops can be easily checked for their¬†authenticity¬†by doing an online survey and browsing sites that contain reviews from existing users and customers.

Check for contents: By their very nature, HCG¬†homoeopathic¬†drops do not contain active “concentrated” form of HCG hormone. ¬†Rather, they contain this hormone in the minute and the most “dilute” form like all other typical¬†homoeopathic¬†medications. As a result, they are considered harmless and yet natural and highly¬†effective¬†for weight loss.

Check for special schemes / warranties: Finally, you should check for any associated 100% money back refunds or guarantees or free trial offers or special bonuses and discounts.  This not only saves you money but also eliminates any financial risk involved. Before purchasing any of such drops, you should visit their official website and read the return / warranty policy in detail and choose to buy the product only after you are completely satisfied.


Why does FDA does not recognize HCG drops?

The critics of HCG drops and diet also raise their objections on the fact that both HCG diet and drops have not been approved or verified by the FDA. The answer to their concerns is very simple. If FDA does not ‘recognize” certain supplement, it does not mean that it has “banned” it. On the contrary, the whole field of “homoeopathic¬†medicines” has often been called as “scam” and ineffective by many. Does this mean that¬†homoeopathy¬†does not work at all for anyone? The same analogy¬†applies¬†to the use and consumption of HCG diet and drops as well.



Last but not the least, the above criteria does explain whether HCG diet and drops can be called as scam products or not. In fact, the fast-growing user base of these wonderful diet supplements is another evidence about their efficiency, efficacy, safety and affordability.  Therefore, more and more users and dieters are now turning towards their use. As certain HCG drops do come with a full money back guarantee, there is no harm in in trying them out for at least 30 days and then you will be able to see and compare the results.  You should, however, do your own careful research before buying anything and always consider the above-mentioned criteria before considering these supplements.

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