How to control appetite while exercising

Introduction and background

The relationship between exercise and appetite is a complex relationship.  When someone decides to shed off a few pounds, the first and foremost advice he she gets is to exercise. It is a common observation to begin with an exercise and you end up eating more than usual after those gym sessions that are originally meant to control shooting weight.  It is very normal that after a workout our body craves for protein. At this point it is useful to avoid all of those high carbohydrate, high calorie foods, and set out for something less filling and high in protein .Some good picks for this would be a low fat low calorie yogurt, a glass of skim milk, or any fat free dairy food. These dairy choices are all low in calories and super high in protein, exactly what your body needs to manufacture protein. They will help you suppress your appetite so you are not overindulging and depleting the purpose of your work out and smashing up your weight loss goals. Contrary to this, aerobic exercises are publicized as a way to reduce appetite potentially increasing weight loss.  This effect has been termed the anorexia of exercise.  The effect appears to be commonly found after exercising at greater than 60% of maximum oxygen consumption.  While your appetite may increase if you significantly increase your workout regimen, generally, you are likely to consume large portions following your gym session. Exercise can help you lose weight because it burns calories. Exercise intensity can also affect appetite.  This is another factor that affects your post workout appetite; intensity of the exercise session and body temperature. Higher-intensity activities have better appetite-suppressing effects than lower-intensity ones. Some tricks you can do to suppress post exercise appetite are discussed in this article.

Drink Water before and after exercise

It is good to drink water before you start your work out. Drinking sufficient amount of water will help you to carry on exercise with interest. Once you have sweat well and done with your exercise your body may signal you to take in food. It is advisable to drink a plenty of water throughout and after your workout to make up for the lost hydration content while exercise. You need to not only replace the water that your body had lost throughout the workout, but since your metabolism will be jolted from the exercise you need to continue to drink water afterwards to make sure that you don’t get dehydrated. Your body often confuses thirst for hunger, so drinking sufficient water also helps to prevent overeating because some of us mistake hunger for thirst, especially when we are dehydrated.

Sit around! keep yourself occupied

You might think what sitting around has to do with controlling appetite while exercising. Actually, most of the exercisers just walk towards kitchen or fridge after getting home from work out session. Consequently, they end up over feeding them as a reward of working out. Instead, go outside or in another room and stretch. Getting a shower right away or indulging into something will keep you away from over eating. So after a workout do not over eat, pick healthy snacks, drink water, and keep yourself occupied to continue to sustain those weight loss goals.

Pre Work out snack

Some exercisers are afraid to consume calories before their sweat session, considering they will cancel out the purpose of 60 minutes on the treadmill. Nevertheless, working out on an empty stomach means that you will not have enough energy to exercise as long or as hard as needed. Starting with few calories lead to low stamina and you will end up burning fewer calorie. It is recommended to eat something, such as a piece of fruit may give you more energy to get through a workout.

Post Workout Meal

After exercising a person may think that, he can take any food he likes as he has gone thorough burning of so many calories. And the disastrous choices of snacks exercisers make after workout session are awful. When starving, our bodies want to consume energy rich dense caloric food. Post workout meals should include protein as it increases satiety and helps keep your appetite under control by stimulating gut hormones that help you feel full. Proteins pick and choose foods can be eggs, milk, soymilk, yogurt, and oatmeal, nuts, beans, whole grains, low fat dairy, fish, lean meats, and poultry to make sure you get adequate protein.


Keeping a check on your calorie intake before and after exercise will help you control appetite while exercising. Maintaining proper hydration content of the body is a key to avoid post workout hunger pangs. Replenish your stores of muscles glycogen and lean protein to repair and build muscle ingesting protein foods.







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